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Exclusive: Secret Group Helping Obama Destroy the Constitution

This is from a Constitutional lawyer. The more I read/watch of her the more I like her. Check out her website. She did a video breakdown of how the NDAA is so bad also on her site.

Exclusive: Secret Group Helping Obama Destroy the Constitution

March 28, 2012

On March 2, 2012 I gave a legal analysis of HR347/S1794 (which included some links to frightening government abuses) and how it unquestionably violates the First Amendment. Upon hearing numerous reports the following week, I realized that the people are not getting the whole truth.

For those who have not read my blog, please do so, but here is a brief summary. HR 347 and S 1794, the ‘‘Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011” has nothing to do with improving landscaping around federal buildings. This bill is being presented as a No Trespassing bill. Reasonable people understand that restrictions and protections are needed for government officials and government functions. However, this legislation makes it a federal crime to simply DISRUPT the ORDERLY CONDUCT of government. The violator doesn’t have to be on the grounds where the government business is being conducted, just within the vicinity of the so-called business. The law is not limited to buildings or locations as the title suggests, but seems to be “roving” and follows persons protected by Secret Service wherever they go. The language could be interpreted to refer to an official who is eligible for Secret Service protection and not protected by them at the moment of the alleged violation. How long before we hear the argument that federal officials are “protected” by secret service even if secret service is not present at the time? The bottom line is: Your First Amendment right to peaceably assemble - is now a federal crime.

In one particular report on this bill,Fox News focuses the blame almost entirely on the President. The report even leads off with the headline, “Suppressing Free Speech? President Signs Anti-protest Bill.” The report includes an interview with Judge Napolitano where he gives a brief review of the potential impact of this bill. The entire focus is again on Obama’s signing of this bill and what he will do with it. The fact is that there is a group of individuals that played a much more significant role in this and it is becoming one of the greatest cover-ups going on today. I will now do what no one else seems to have the guts to do. I will tell you their names. Are you ready?

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Congress is hardly a "secret" group


Why didn't Rand vote against

Why didn't Rand vote against this stuff? Our country has gone mad..

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I am replying in a new comment...

So people can down vote this one... lol...

My previous reply to you was too hasty, because the writing style of the article sucked. Assuming the article is correct, the reference I quote for Rand was actually about a different bill.

The quote about the senate on this bill:

"What about the Senate? You don’t have to work hard to decipher the roll call for S1794 because the vote in favor of putting government over the Constitution was UNANIMOUS! Again, who was your “Tea Party” favorite in Senate? Perhaps Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson or, dare I say it, Marco Rubio?"

Meaning Rand did NOT oppose this bill. I will not support Rand. There is nothing he can do to change my mind anymore. I had given him some leeway to fix his positions. I no longer will.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

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Rand did (NOT - edit see above) vote against it....

Took me a bit to check, but I wasn't going to accuse him unless I knew.

This is where I found a reference...


The two Pauls, were only 2 of a very few Republicans which voted against it.

"What about the Senate side? Only Rand Paul and Mike Lee voted against this bill and for the Citizens of America. Yes, you guessed it, that means that Jim Demint, Jerry Moran, Ron Johnson and, dare I say it, Marco Rubio are all in favor of defeating the 4th and 5th Amendments of the Constitution."


"A quick look at the roll call for this bill will show you that only 3 Republicans in the House voted against this Constitutional atrocity: Ron Paul (R-Tx), Paul Broun (R-Ga), and Justin Amish (R-Mi). That means that every other “conservative” House member that thought it important enough to show up and vote, voted for this bill and against the Constitution."

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

Full Article Here


"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard


what I posted was page one. I think she likes Paul. I hope everyone will check out her website. She has some great blogs and video's too. Her video of the breakdown of the NDAA bill was really good.

I love how you makes sure to let you know that the secret group is comprised of some of the tea party candidates that so many voted for.

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Since these laws have been passed

by the House and the Senate, I am guessing the names of the individuals would be on those Rolls!

Unless it was passed by acclamation, or "without objection" or

even worse if it actually didn't pass but was "deemed to pass."

Seriously the horseshit that "passes" for deliberative legislative action these days is mind boggling in it's sheer audacity.

Hell, I'm waiting till Congress adopts the behavior of the legislators here in Louisiana who consider it "dirty tricks" to confront someone with their voting record.

Just you wait, one day soon, it will not only be a crime to question a Congressman or Senator about his vote, but you likely won't even be able to find out how he/she voted even with a FOIA request. These asshats know no limits.