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Ron Paul speaks with FOX 5 News

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Ron Paul is genuine, truth will win.

Yes, many of you are right, it would be nice to see Ron Paul smack down these lame reporters with smart-in-your-face soundbites. But that is not Ron Paul. Ron Paul answers very matter of factly, very honestly, and insightfully. That does indeed resonate with a majority of voters.

The key is us. We need to get our neighbors, co-workers, friends, family, those that ordinarily don't vote, to listen to Ron Paul and to vote for him.

Seemed like a B-Movie - Needed a real performance

I know the media is against this campaign, this interview just seemed like a B Movie.

I wish Ron would get a bit tougher when he has these moments and answer these questions with some fervor, tell these "actors" in the interview that Dr. Paul is first class.

that we are gaining delegates, and inspiring a new generation
we are speaking to thousands at rallies,
we are speaking about balancing the budget/sound money,
and a foreign policy that will not bankrupt the country and restore some prosperity to it's tax payers and make the world respect the United States as the real leader it is.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

that's my local news station.

that's my local news station. they're probably the highest quality local news in the US (located in DC).

Voters see the way he lets the media

push him around and answer their questions on their terms, and wonder what kind of president he would make. Would he let Congress push him around too? Would he let Wall Street push him around too? Would he let the UN push him around too? Would he let foreign leaders push him around too?

We here at DP understand RP and his style. But the rest of America perceives this as weakness and would respond to him better if he were more aggressive and assertive with these reporters.

It's all about perception and image. This is why we at DP get so frustrated with him sometimes. Just sayin'. (I know I'm gonna get slammed for this...)

Doesn't look like your getting slammed at all

many here share your sentiments, including myself. I often times wished he would go on the attack and mop the floor with the other GOP candidates during the debates. It's not the gentlemanly thing to do, and it's not Ron Paul's way, but we haven't been treated too gentlemanly in return, and the GOP has outright stolen election after election from the good Doc. I feel he's lost many opportunities to snatch up voters during these televised debates due to him holding back and biting his tongue. I could see if this was a FAIR contest. However, you can't do that in a revolution when there are so many powers against you. This is a war.

Sorry, one more thing.

There is a lot of focus in the comments about how crappy, insulting, respectless etc the questions are but it's not about the questions. If they cut RP off directly and didn't let him answer okay but they don't. It's about the answers. Yes RP could be more inraged but that's not him is it? RP doesn't need to come off as Frothy II or loose cannon moonbase Newt. He's calm, informed, serious. Why should he do Obama's work for him and spend all his few seconds trashing candidates or the messed up voting system. I believe that's our job and I believe he asked once if we couldn't put some more work into that area. Letters to the editor seem to be landing in the papers. How about more of that?

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

I did appreciate ...

his comment, given your platform, and what all the other candidates are saying nowadays, why are you painted as the crazy one! Classic.

That Was Nice To Hear

They made him ask the first question, after which it seemed clear that the interviewer was at least somewhat pro-Paul.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

As I've said in other posts,

As I've said in other posts, they have the "keep their job question" they have to ask and while idiots tend to relish the asking, others come to it reluctantly as this guy did. He then spent the rest of the interview bashing Newt and Romney. This on Fox mainstream as well. No, I think the penny has droppped for most of the journalists but not their employers and I'm now coming away thinking that Dr. Paul's getting not only airtime now but passive support in allowing time to debate the patented allegations as well. Hang in there Dr.! They're coming around.

Now it's about the Constitution and the fight to defend it.

Tv interviews are a waste of time

These types of interviews have been going on for months yet I see no one speak of the underlining problem, are we losing sight of the fact that all these TV interviews are campaign and candidate questions rather than policy questions.

These interviews are a waste of time for Ron Paul in my opinion, exposure is great but ask yourself this....if you were an undecided voter and saw a candidate like Ron Paul talk about these other candidates, does it help you vote for Paul or does it help you vote for Romney or Santorum.

I believe the media are purposely making it look this way as it does not help Ron Paul at all anyway.

I thought

Ron Paul did an excellent job of getting liberty issues heard... Crazy ideas like balancing the budget, congress voting on war, not printing money, etc. I think every chance he gets he should state those ideas. It didn't cost the campaign money as far as I know and it was free press.

I did however get irritated by the first question about dropping out of the race. So irritating that news media keeps saying that instead of promoting him. But it did give Dr. Paul another chance to let people know that the delegate counts are not all in yet. And the interview gave people a chance to know he is still in the running, since so many times Dr. Paul is left out by statements like the "3 that are running" when it is actually 4 that are running. I have been concerned that people don't even know he is till running.

I spoke with my neighbor about delegate counts last night and she said she would look into Ron Paul.

Paul needs to cut the small talk

Especially with these small-time guys. Just say "Listen, if you want to talk about politics and how this country needs to improve, we can have a conversation. If you want to gossip, you've got the wrong guy."

He's given the roundabout answer too many times and I don't think the newscasters are even listening.


Stop saying "If he changes his views" regarding Romney or the other candidates. So if they flip-flop and show blatent inconsistency and as well as ZERO integrity by telling us what we want to hear you're going to endorse them?

PLEASE - we don't believe that crap any more than you do. All that is doing is making you look like just as much of a "politician" as the next guy where the LAME stream sheeple are concerned.


Politely give these media goons the black eye they deserve for questions like these, just like you did Piers Morgan. You're reinforcing the medias narative that you're not in it to win anymore. Do not play into their questions. Call them out and show the seriousness of the situation we're in talking about the real issues and why the other candidates won't address them. Why they are too scared to. Why they are too liberal to represent the republican party. Why they do not have the independent and democratic crossover needed to beat Obama. You are the best candidate to throw their hat in the ring in a century, perhaps ever. Tell them about it! You are running for President of the United States. You are expected if not required to boast about your qualifications, of which you are by far the most qualified! Now is no time for modesty. Get that message out! You are Ron mfin Paul and your not going to allow some lilly livered flip flopping bank boy to represent your party or run your country!

If your just going to let them push you around and allow them to get your opinion on what color curtains Romney is likely to put in the white house, you might as well throw in the towel now and spare your supporters who are scrimping and saving and giving everything they got to support you. Show some fight please! We know you have it in you! Show them the vision!

wish i could vote up more times


Boxed in with questions of

Boxed in AGAIN, with questions of "when" romney wins. Sickening.
Ron needs to start talking about what a Ron Paul presidency would mean.

Have you ever thought about getting the Hell out

of a race where you clearly don't belong so the most deserving candidate can have have a clear shot at the White House? Sheesh! Have YOU ever thought about being less cheeky and more respectful!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

SteveMT's picture

Tacky that Fox would interview Ron Paul in an "exit" hallway.

Fox: Offensive and Unbalanced.
Despite that, Ron Paul gives a great interview.

Could THIS be part of the strategy?

First Pierce Morgan, now this. Ron Paul has received A LOT more favorable media now that they are convinced he can't win.

Or maybe

they're giving him the attention so it's not such a shock to sheeple when Ron Paul gets the nomination. They must be acclimatised in increments.

That would be wonderful!!


its still the usual crappy questions though.

Focusing on his supposedly being unelectable, so all the questions are about his ideas on the other candidates and whether he would support them. Just once I would like to hear an interviewer say, "That is a refreshing perspective Dr. Paul. Could you please share with our listeners a little more about your foreign policy, the FED and actually reducing federal government and the positives it would have on society and in reducing this unsustainable debt load that will eventually collapse the financial systems globally. I think our audience would be quite interested to hear your thoughts since your are obviously a highly educated and intelligent man, not to mention you have been having as many as 5 thousand people show up to listen to you speak on these very important issues."


I can not tell you why,

I can not tell you why, exactly, but I really liked this interview!

What a nice

change of pace for a reporter. I almost think he likes Paul. I know there was some digs but for the most part I loved it.