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End the IRS Money Bomb - April 15, 2012

There is power in numbers. We all don't have to give large sums of money......WE JUST ALL NEED TO GIVE. This is a participation event of epic proportions and the stakes are very high. Please join me at this event page on FB and share this message. We can really give the good doctor a huge boost to get this race to the convention without a clear winner if we can get the message out. Plus we can send a strong message that the people who are awake, paying attention, and care support Ron Paul. We need to touch as many people as possible for this event and stress the idea that a small donation is all that is needed to make a HUGE IMPACT.

Join me

Ron Paul 2012


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We all need to participate

and we all need to donate

small sums of money add up

900K "likes" on FB for Ron Paul
1 million votes for Ron Paul

We need to reach out and contact these people

$10 = $10 million
if we reach half 500K x $10 is $5million

even if only 100K people are reached - which should be easy to do today with social media - thats $1million dollars

Anyone with videos to promote the money bomb - please post them to the event page

Thank you

Paul 2012

FB Event page link