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Establishment Caucus plans

This was posted on a Wisconsin for Romney facebook page:

Cross posted: Those with upcoming conventions/caucus's. Take note:

1st action of your caucus's .. Approve that EVERYONE needs to state who they are voting for or undecided. Most of the RP supporters will say undecided because they want to fool you. Trust me it happened at my precincts last weekend.

2nd action - stay the whole time. RP supporters will try and drag this out as long as possible to get people to leave and therefore gain the delegates.

3rd action - RP supporters will likely try and walk out so there is not a majority to form a quorum. If you stay the whole time you can stop there action by having the majority and their actions.

Ours lasted 11 hours. So bring food and drink if allowed. Be prepared for a long day. (I was asked to post this, I know we are a primary but still good to know.)


Know their tactics!

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Sounds like RP supporters'

Sounds like RP supporters' caucus plans, just change the RP to any of the other three .... except RP supporters will actually do it. Except we won't walk out or back down!!!!