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CNN is taking a dump.

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The Youth Are Making TV Obsolete

Did you ever wonder why Ron Paul receives overwhelming support from young people? How does a 76 year old Congressman get crowds of young people to chant "End The Fed"? Well, I think the reason is hidden here in this article. Young people are rejecting TV mainstream news and turning to alternative outlets for a more fair and balanced view. They are not being brainwashed by the "pay for spin" agenda of the MSM. If the talking heads don't catch on soon, it will not be the Revolution that becomes extinct, but them.

Thank you I needed this headline. lol

People in another thread are bumming me out with their negativity. We (not just Ron Paul supporters but everyone sick of the establishment) are bringing down the media. Rapidly. Let me repeat for emphasis. The media is collapsing at an incredible pace.

"The media is the ultimate enemy of mankind." Bill Hicks

Today is great day and people are gettig mopey? Sheesh.


and awesome title btw!

"they are driven by profits...

its not some conspiracy" really dude? you just got done saying they aren't reporting on things people want and their #'s are way down. That wouldn't indicate they are driven by profits.

Why is it so hard to admit that the media is owned by entities that have a lot more to gain by using the media for propaganda and controlling the masses... I guess that is "driven by profits", but not in the way he was describing.