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SuperPAC funding for Congress

We care about civil liberties and the rule of the constitution. It is nice to have Rand in the senate and all but it would be more effective if we could have more congressional representation. Congressional seats are easier to win than presidental ones.

To that end wouldn't it make sense to set up a superPAC that carefully considers and vets very well qualified candidates then gets them to run as R or D (don't matter to me!) and gives 10 times the money any regular candidate could raise for such a race... I mean we have given Ron 10s of millions of dollars, maybe 100 million. Surely that could tip the balance of a seat. With good representation we might take back the congress one seat at a time?

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I doubt there's time for incremental gains.

The global economy will collapse before we ever reach critical mass in the house or senate, and that will usher in a time of international strife and tyranny. Let's pray and push for a sea change.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

No reason you can't do both

No reason you can't do both or proportionally allocate to which you think will be more effective.

No reason if a block of even 3 Senators existed that we couldn't have significantly more free media and acceptance of views.