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I called Gov. David patterson made fun of Paul Ryan Budget today...

"Bill from CT"


I'm the last caller of the day. I caught him off guard : )

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Haha nice exposed their little charade

They laughed at Ryan's 30 year plan to balance the budget and all that could go on to derail it in that time, then they heard your candidates 3 year plan to balance the budget they sheepishly swept you under the rug and out of their listeners ears, "cant shock the system!" "takes time to sort these things out" "takes awhile to get sick, takes awhile to get better" , " We're sorry excuses for conservatives on this show, sad empty husks babbling nonsense into the ether. We don't know what we're doing and just talk at this microphone because we dont know what else to do with our bought and paid for souls. Somebody hold me..." "thanks for calling!"

paraphrasing of course. I'll have to take a look at the transcript to check for accuracy :D

Nice call in!