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Ron Paul Considers Running As Independent


I always knew that egos would eventually get in the way in any earnest pursuit of Liberty. The charge that Tea Partiers are mostly just pissed off GOP/Conservatives has become more and more evident. How else can one understand the reluctance to champion Ron Paul? As I recall, RP has been quite supportive and generous regarding the TP movement. It appears that this non-thinking "consevative" herd is more concerned about social acceptance than Constitutional integrity. For all the fawning over and "studying" of the Constitution, how could any TP'er swing for Romney, Santorum or Gingrich? They are all statists with one song to sing.

How do members of the TP, or least those faces on TV who presume to represent the movement, square the TP/Constitution Love Affair with the Warfare Party's "top tier"? Course correction and full speed ahead for the TPers and the neocons, right? Choosing style over substance, the co-opting of the movement is nearing completion as the TP has almost snatched defeat form the jaws of victory. Not having learned the lessons from our very recent past, the
Republicans/Conservatives can never pass up an opportunity to pass up an opportunity. Ready, Fire, Aim again.

The latest TP/neocon mantras illustrates an over-grown sense of their own importance in “saving the Republic” while using the same tired, stupid arguments that fly in the face of the Constitution. And they say that “Ron Paul is not a good champion of the movement”? Well, they’re half right. He would never champion what the TP has allowed itself to become. I wouldn’t expect him to and thank goodness for that.

I'm reasonably certain that they will not want to confront the issues contained herein. Like most of their current membership and leaders, they haven’t figured a philosophical way around their own talking points yet. And they probably won't unless and until they are able to recall why they were initially inspired to become activists. There was a brief moment in time that NO comprising when it came to preserving the republic meant something and was said with a sense of urgency. Those were the days guys, remember; circa 2007?

"Let this be an open plea to Congressman Ron Paul. The past 35 years of your life have resulted in a profound and accomplished career of service to the noblest ideals of Western civilization. Yet as great as those years have been, I believe they are but a prologue to your real destiny. I believe the force working through history has been preparing you for the final denouement of your real destiny. And that is to lead a great, enduring crusade to reinstill the principles of the Founding Fathers into the public forum. It will be a dramatic first step toward salvation of the Republic in these initial tumultuous decades of the 21st century.

This dramatic first step is for you to launch a viable independent challenge to the tyrannical Demopublican establishment in 2012 if you fail to gain the GOP nomination. No man is better suited for this endeavor than you. Ross Perot saw the need for such a challenge in 1992, but unfortunately he did not understand the necessity to carve out a distinctly different political vision than that of the Demopublicans. Thus he merely cloned the Democrats and Republicans, and his effort died.

You, Dr. Paul, will be different. You will be carrying the torch of true freedom, the wisdom of the Founders, and the monumental import of America’s role in human history."

~Nelson Hultberg

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Man, I wasted a click on

Man, I wasted a click on this.

the HEADLINE got me: Ron Paul Considers

that awful feeling of betrayal was igniting in my gut but
I TRUST Dr. Paul and believe in his advisers so my conspiracy addiction kicked in and that old habit of questioning every title/headline/ article
said, no, it YELLED 'why would Dr. Paul suddenly do this
doesnt make sense
is there a sanitaryman here trying to fool us?'

April 1st isnt until Monday
NO April FOOL here

but it is in that headline
fooling people to get opinions read is trickery bordering on flim flam and it belongs to snake oil salesmen
not people who want to make a point here

perhaps the line should have been more like

IF Ron Paul were to consider...

so it doesnt look like he SAID he was

sorry but I hit the down vote here


Dishonest journalism. What's the difference between this article and the LAME stream media?

This is just the writer

This is just the writer considering a third party run.

Don't lure people in with false headlines, Nelson. They tend to stop reading once they find out.

headline fail

Come on.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.

The Subject

simply mirrors the title of the "opinion" piece and was not designed as a mechanism to draw in viewers. Whether we agree or disagree with the content is open to discussion as such topics are too often set aside without meriting a debate.

What follows is my rant about the disengagement and abandonment of the ideals of the Tea Party that first permeated the original grass roots movement inspired by Dr. Paul.

Subsequent to that a personal, cogent plea by a respected and admired freelance writer. Nelson Hultberg is the author of "Breaking the Demopublican Monopoly: How to Unify America with a Third-Party that can Win" and he makes a pretty good case about how Dr. Paul could win as a third party candidate regardless of how one might personally feel about the notion. It would behoove anyone who wants to understand the prospects and the potential success of such a stragedy to perhaps heed his words.

Sorry to disappoint.

"The problem is not those in power, the problem is right between your ears." ~Larken Rose