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Can I Vote? KY

Hey guys, I am now on my second post but still the same question... I am a bartender in the northern kentucky region and i have been spreading the good will of The DR between NKY and Cincinnati... many of the people realy latch onto DR Paul's
view on TIPS being gift not TAXable and I even have my Sanscotum voting north west OHIO mother in law promising to vote for the DR if he gets the nomination... the biggest problem I come to is that the majority of the young people i talk to are registered independent and don't think they can vote... I too am registered independent... CAN I VOTE???

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Only unregistered can vote

Only registered Republicans can vote in the primary
If not registered, you can register before April 23

So, unfortunately, independents can't switch or vote in the primary
Deadline for switching to R was Dec 31

But keep up the work, awesome that you are spreading the word!