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You can take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill

If you take the Blue Pill - you can click off this post and happily wave your signs and hope Ron Paul wins and then start making plans for a 2016 election which will never come.

If you take the Red Pill - you will be asking a legitimate question based on how Ron Paul himself is handling these latest interviews. "It they change their views I might consider supporting them." ARE YOU Fing KIDDING ME? PLEASE! - The LEGITIMATE question is this:

Does Ron Paul want to win or is he just in it to spread a message? - We must DEMAND that Ron address the grass roots IMMEDIATELY because regardless of if you are a PAULBOT or constitutionalist (there is a distinct difference) you have to see the cracks in his support that are developing based on his VERY OWN STATEMENTS.

If you take the Red Pill - you must consider the candidacy of someone who really does want to be president in order to roll up his sleeves and tell the unadulterated truth to the people.


Rod Class is a non-BAR member - he is a Private District Attorney who is fighting in their courts and exposing their fraud in the public record.

Recently he proved that all "police" have no more lawful authority than a wal-mart security guard. I have the pdf of the certified judgement for anyone wishing to have it handy in their glove compartment.

Prove you are not a PAULBOT and please give this guy a listen. We can still support Ron till the convention but if he doesn't run independent or doesn't get the nod - we have another option - THIS YEAR.

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How many of you actually listened to Rod Class?

I think Dr. Paul says this to not spit in Republican faces...

If he said "no way the other candidates are just awful" that would pointlessly would put a lot potential converts off him.

Besides he knows full well the establishment republicans aren't going to change their minds. He also said he only would if he was sure they had really changed their mind and were not just flip-flopping.

So he's not being at all dishonest, just being the gent he is and being very reasonable.

The pills are different colors...

...but neither one has been able to heal the disease our country has. The RP pill is the beginning of the cure!

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill =

Red Pill vs. Blue Pill = Porridge vs. Steak

I would be pleasantly surprised...

...to not come back and see a bunch of down votes. I'm not holding my breath however. I just believe something MUST be done THIS CYCLE - come on now people - assassination of dissenters is now okay? (NDAA act)

If that's okay then you MUST consider the possibility that the public will accept that there will be no more elections either.