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Daily Paul: Upstate Ny Needs Your Help!

Daily Paul Community,

I am a grass roots county organizer and delegate (CD21) for RP 2012 in CD 20 & 21/Saratoga County/Albany County NY.

We have a very exciting opportunity in NYS this year. For the first time that I can remember, NYS Primary is NOT A WINNER TAKES ALL. Instead NYS is a proportional allocation of delegates at the Congressional District Level.

The way it works is that if a candidate like Paul gets 20% of the vote in a congressional district he gets to send a delegate to the National Convention in Tampa. *(There are some other stipulations but for the most part this is what is required)*

This new system of proportional delegates gives us an immense opportunity in my area to send Delegates for Ron Paul to the National Convention.

In 2008 with 5 challengers in the race, Ron Paul pulled 8% of the vote in my area. Now our numbers have at least doubled, and with your help, we can surpass the 20% threshold.

So what do we need? And what do we plan on doing? Well we need money. We are trying to raise $10,000 to do a direct mailing campaign to all Republican Super Voters in CD 20 & 21.

Direct Mail campaign is a terrific opportunity for us to advertise Ron Paul's message to people who will actually be voting on April 24th. We intend on sending these voters grass roots material that would appeal to people in the Albany Saratoga County Area, including a comparison of candidates on economic matters and civil liberties.

I have personally donated to help the states of Iowa, NH etc...and have spent thousands on the RP campaign thus far. So I am asking that you dig a little deep to help us out here in NY. NYS is an entire grass roots operation for the Paul campaign, and we can do well, but only with your financial help....

The attached link will bring you to our PAC donation page via Chip in and Pay Pal. We are asking for anything you can spare, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 or whatever....


Thank you very much in advance

In Liberty
-Rob A.
-Saratoga NY

p.s. keep this bumped.

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Guys we are a little over 1k today. Really need to raise money, and quick. Please contribute ANYTHING you can. doesnt matter small. Just help us out.




keep this going guys, need your help. We are over 1k currently....

I don't have flash...

I don't have flash at work but would like to donate right away! Is there any way to do this? Let me know, thanks!

No go

Message: Sorry — your last action could not be completed.

Oh well, I'll just have to find a computer with flash, thanks for the effort though!

One more time

Here our website is up....


Thanks for your help.


Sorry will try again later

Is there any effort to have RP visit Upstate NY?

I'm from upstate...

There are petitions

There are petitions circulating to host him at SUNY Albany and is looking promising! (we hope)

If you haven't already -

do a search on Facebook for Ron Paul. Hit as many of the pages as you can informing them and asking for the donation.

Warning - post on their walls at the rate of about 2 a minute. After every 5th or 6th post, go in to your profile and "hide" the action/notification that you just posted. If you don't follow these guidelines, you will risk getting banned.

I will send an email

out to my family. I don't know if they are as dedicated as us YET but I will try. I am from saratoga but I live in Arizona now.

I am going to pay for some super brochures in horicon and chestertown in the next week.

From what I saw when I was home during the holidays, there was a lot of "Under the radar" BUZZ but many of my friends were not quite convinced yet.

I am working on them

Bump for Delegates in NY


Free includes debt-free!

You have a pledge, here, for $300.00 to kick this off

and I'll raise it to $500.00 if someone, here, will match that first 300.

Upstate loves Dr. Paul.


wow that is awesome thank you

Thank you

Thank you for all of your efforts!!! I am blessed to be part of this movement in NY! For Liberty!

....and I donated $30 just

....and I donated $30 just now!

If someone would win the mega millions in NY this week that supports Ron Paul we would be golden! :)