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Judge Judy: Here's who you support with Taxes!


CBS REMOVED THIS FROM YOUTUBE!....View this before its GONE!

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Let me point out the obvious

A)This is a fake reality show.
B)If the show was not fake (which it is), then the robed sorceress wouldn't have any business lecturing this man, since she and her fat bailiff are also on the take, pocketing your dollars for this dog & pony show.

My verdict:
Judge Judy = Fake Tax-Eater


And y'all are mad about this???

Have you ever seen the US Budget?


This is disgusting

'nuff said!

With liberty and justice for all...who can afford it.

I think anyone

getting this kind of assistance should be made to turn in a rent and tuition receipt monthly to qualify for money until we can get this program stopped.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

Unfortunately all they would

Unfortunately all they would need to do to get around that is his girlfriend could wright up a fake receipt stating he paid her X amount and then the two crooks would still get a government check. I know a woman who does that. She clams to pay her boyfriend $1000 in rent every month. His parents own the house and he pays them nothing to live there. They cash the check and buy crap like clothes cell phone and video games...

The answer is to stop welfare and make people take responsibility for themselves or be dependent on non profits who can allocate the money much more efficiently

Whats the point of this post?

Is this really breaking news? Why further the "white suburban stereotype" view of only black people taking advantage of government benefits?

-It's hard enough as it is to attract minorities the Doctor Paul, why make it worse?

BTW, Has anyone See "The Wild Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"?

-It's a hilarious movie/documentary about these crazy white folks who do nothing but take $$ from the government.

-just sayin' it's not just one group or another that does this stuff.

Why the race card?

Well, it took a whole 14 posts for somebody to play the race card. I believe the point of this post was about society's freeloaders and the waste of taxpayer's dollars. It applies to all races! Just because these subjects happened to be black was not the point at all, until you made it so.

Like I said...

Is this really breaking news? Why further the "white suburban stereotype" view of only black people taking advantage of government benefits?

-It's hard enough as it is to attract minorities the Doctor Paul, why make it worse?

You are correct!

...and in Michigan there is a problem with all races abusing that system...especially illegals!

You beat me to it....

Very well said...its time to move on. People of all races take advantage of the system.

Ok so why not show another race instead

of furthering a stereotype?

I understand your point

Because America is so incredibly sensitive about the race issue, people really need to take into consideration if they might be furthering a stereotype. I'm not from America so thankfully i don't have to deal with the sensitivity.

For instance, in Australia, KFC did a commercial between an Australian and West Indies cricket match and it was labelled racist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FftZt-Dw_hQ

Us Australians had no idea how you Americans perceived this as racist - it was a game of cricket for crying out loud and our culture is completely different to yours. But you have shows like The Young Turks that throw around this derogatory disgusting word around to everything (i watch the show often to understand different perspectives and believe me, anything that has the remotest relation to race they are not afraid to throw around the 'racist' word willy-nilly).

It's a horrible way of dealing with things, but unfortunately, that's how it is there and in order to not provoke reaction, people should be wise to tread carefully when it looks like one is furthering a race stereotype, lest it diverts the discussion (in this example) from the issue of welfare to racism...which happens all to often.

Amen to that

Amen to your take on Americans. It's always nice to hear from those who observe our culture from afar. In America, if you want to divert attention from the matter at hand, just introduce race.

The Supreme Court of the United States spent three days this week hearing arguments on the the constitutionality of Obamacare. This matter should be of great importance to the American citizen, as the Court's decision will affect all Americans in many ways. It did get its share of news coverage, but what are Americans really obsessing about this week... the Trayvon Martin story.

It's a funny thing

There's only so much one can report on because the case is slowly progressing, and yet the media manages to devote that much time to the issue.

And then watching it get politicized in the left/right paradigm. I check on Huffington Post - pro-Trayvon; I check on Drudge - anti-Trayvon. My goodness, things are going to get politicized to the point that your left-wing if you like Pepsi and right-wing if you like coke.

But please don't take this as i see us Australians as superior. We are a bunch of idiots in many ways too. During our federal election, the leader of the Liberal party (which is like Republicans in America) made one of his cornerstone issues "stopping the boats!" (i.e. asylum seekers travelling by boats). Even though it only makes up like 5% of total asylum seekers, and that the whole asylum issue is a non-issue compared to other things, like immigration policy. Wanted to facepalm myself for being Australian and seeing the non-sense on national issues.

But it's true

You are left-wing if you like Pepsi and right-wing if you like Coke! :>)

Here's The Young Turks video


I urge you to watch and hear how because they are so racially charged, everything is interpreted as racist.

Rather than viewing it as home supporters rooting for their team with an unfortunate Australian given bad seating among the home fans and not with his (which does happen if anyone follows sports), they perceive it as white man superiority and tribal black people. And this was reported not just on this news site, but many media outlets in America.

It turned a fun cricket commerical into a racial issue. And the only reason why because even though it was only broadcasted in Australia, some American got a hold of it and turned it into a national issue. Still annoys me.

I reckon if i lived there i would be going crazy listening to how many important issues got completely off topic and turned into race issues.

He sounds like a student

na'am sayin'?



To be fair

You cannot use this broad brush on a whole society.

Wait a minute

To a point, I agree. Our tax dollars are used for many necessary and worthy causes... gas tax helps pay for Federal highways, as an example.

But there are too many in our society today who think like these people. Grants for education... and no education seems to take place, the fault to be shared by students and faculty alike. Handouts for rent... and the rent is not paid. Unemployment benefits... spent on lottery tickets and casino gambling. These are just a few examples.

The situation is upside down. The government makes it difficult for those who are willing to work and be successful by taxing and regulating them to death (even after death... estate taxes). The government makes it easy for those who want to play the system, by seemingly not keeping track of how the handouts are spent. Tax dollars that are meant for the genuinely poor and distraught and those needing a helping hand end up being given to freeloaders as well.

For this to be fixed, the morality of our citizens needs to change. At one time in our country cheating was frowned upon. Today it's a badge of honor if you can get away with it.


"Tax dollars that are meant for the genuinely poor and distraught and those needing a helping hand"

Exactly my point.

Some people need assistance off the government. Some people are looking for work and can't find it in the midst of a recession that they were screwed over from and had nothing to do with, some people were born below the poverty line and can't find a break, some might be a single mother desperately trying to raise her kids and give them a better life that they did not have, and etc.

The context of the title "here's who you support with taxes" is one of disdain to those who are on welfare broadly brushing over a whole society because of freeloaders.

Now some people will still stay, 'well the government still has no right to take my money', and that's fine to say that, i'm not in any arguments there. But is the government's attempt to help these 'genuinely poor and distraught' people a worthy cause? Yes. Does that system create freeloaders? Yes. Should the system be fixed? Yes. Should we perceive all people who are on welfare with some sort of disdain or group them into one broad category? No.


As I said, I agreed to a point. Thanks for the clarification on your original short comment. Well said.

So that is where all

of that "Obombya money" comes from. The peoples stash.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I have one word for you...predator drones. Oh, you think I'm kidding?" Obombya


unfortunately all too common

mountaincat's picture

Send this tape to Congress

What' does she think this is a method for congress to steel more money?

This is why welfare should

This is why welfare should never be given out as cash. If you need food, you go to a soup kitchen. If you need a bed, you live in a barracks.

I remember

watching that one. My reaction didn't improve watching it again.
Though I do wonder if she sent a tape of it to Congress - not that they would do anything about it anyway.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

I thought Taxes were

I thought Taxes were voluntary. Harry Reid told me so.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

This makes me want to throw

This makes me want to throw something!