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Resurrecting Ron Paul '08 threads ... why...?..PR of course

on glp there are old threads being pulled up again

it may be to raise the ratings for the site

but my conspiracy radar says its to data gather on we who support him

howsomever, go hit up the pos post and vote down the SHILL post
you dont have to register

here is cc of what I left there on the PR nasty thread :

User ID: 12724070
United States
03/29/2012 09:38 AM

Re: If Ron Paul is dropping out of the race where does all the money he raised go? Was he a scam all along?

this is an old thread
resurrected to make it seem as tho Ron Paul is dropping out
NOW in 2012

he is not

whmever resurrected this OLD POST is a hater of Ron Pauls
FREEDOM R3volution and this is a low down dirty trick to plant this idea in minds who wont read
and see this is a post from 08

nasty works there HATERS

you are so frightened you stoop to your usual down & dirty acts

against an honest man.

poor you all



pos old post:

Re: "I am the REAL CONSERVATIVE" Ron Paul


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