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Grassroots Fundraisers/Brainstorming session

I just had watched the video Adam Kokesh posted on youtube and it makes some pretty harsh realities behind the campaign.
It inspired me to start thinking of what we could do to better spread the message of liberty. If Ron was to ever hire me i'd likely want to be in charge of how the campaign interacts with social media outlets and posts youtube videos. I have a degree in Graphic Design and i'm pretty good with marketing and driving brands. Creatively i see huge potential for Ron Paul to reach more people and become even more viral.

Point is the message is there the man is the most stand up guy ever in politics but we need people who understand the way social media and the internet can be a powerful tool.

Also wanted this thread to be used as a suggestions or idea area. Anyone with good ideas on how to raise more money for Ron Paul please speak up. I'm an IDEO fanatic i love their creative process to big problems. Google IDEO and you'll understand. Everyone is allowed to have an equal say with their ideas and suggestions for the campaign. If a stupid KONY video to raise awareness about a guy whose probably already dead anyways can get 40million hits why can't we when the message is so popular.

My quick ideas is focus on our strength. our youth voters. what brought people together politically emotionally and psychologically in the 1960's against all the wars? MUSIC made a big difference. We need a concert maybe of epic proportions. I'm not sure of the rules however. If a certain % of ticket sales would go towards the ron paul campaign but then aimee allen was there and other ron paul favoring bands that would rock. get people in contact with more popular bands and try to talk to them. These money bombs are getting worse as time goes by. Youth hate to say it but suffer from ADD big time. Trying to hang in there and keep attention long term til NOvember will be hard for them. Let's make the fundraisers FUN and energetic. We gotta get a bit more aggresive. I see so many people so fanatical about Ron Paul but we gotta put our money where our mouths are.

Also on the concerts have it be where you buy one ticket bring your grandma for 50% off crap i dunno. All these college kids and youth voters call your grandma and grandpa and have a talk with your parents.

As for the media crap ignore them. CNN, FOX etc their viewers are falling off dramatically. The jury is out on them. fact is they are all so full of crap it's ridiculous. I highly suggest following RT.com and other alternative media sites. a ron paul online newsletter is good too. The layouts for many of the sites need overhauls big time. Ron Paul is a rock star everywhere he goes so let's make his site make it seem like he is. There is a local Tampa Meetup group here and i have to say i've been dissappointed with the organization level here. We need local meetup groups and youth for ron paul to brainstorm some ideas on how to get grassroots money. The online money bombs are dwindling. mix it up a bit.

OK let's go guys let's start coming up with ideas!

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