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Let’s punish the promiscuous for increasing health care costs

By seizing control of health care benefits and coverage, the Obama administration set primal forces into motion that will soon have us fighting each other like a pack of hyenas battling over a small carcass.

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Be careful what you wish for.....

If the gubberment pays for your health care (as in Canada) do they have the right to dictate how you eat, drink, procreate, recreate or pray?



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

thought they were already doing this...

maybe I amnt SEEING clearly
I think the gummint is already DICTATING all of those

but as I am well over 75 now I have seen such encroachment in my long life perhaps I am becoming paranoid ?

let me see,...
I dont smoke weed and rarely have a drink

Oh I do make tea from certain herbs & seeds that transport

I DO enjoy dancing sky clad out in the meadowes
and chanting as ONE my own forms of prayer

guess the gummint will be using a heat ray to find us
out in the wilds celebrating BELTANE and raising May Poles

so what new laws are we now being bombarded with now ?

"let them catch us if they can"

"the snakes never left Ireland we just went to the woods
till all the monks kill each other off" a very OLD Pagan expression and There were NEVER any snakes in Ireland so what did the RC monk actually do ?

some laws are so UNNATURAL they have to be ignored.