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DRUDGE headline newts backer:"He's At The End Of His Line"

scrolled the subjects and havent seen this but its good news

lets see how long newtie makes it without Adelson
and where his delegates will land!

adleson wont support sanitaryman either !

there is a vid there, I cant get sound till weekend


Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson says Newt Gingrich is at the end of his line as far as receiving big money donations to his Super PAC.

"I like him. We're friendly. But I got to tell you something, I don’t want him running my country," Adelson said of Rick Santorum.


I don’t want him running my country,"

ha ha ha !

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His Country?

Is Santorum running for president of Israel?

He cant,, newtie beat him to it

and has Sarah Palin as his VP

if her diamond encrusted star of david necklace was any bigger she would need crutches to hold up her upper body !

uh oh I am being mean again. yeahhhh....