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When trying to spread the good word of the doctor, the bottom line is...

I think when all of us are talking to our family and friends, it is really important to lay down what i feel is ultimaltly the bottom line. Regardless of Ron Paul's personal views on social issues like abortion, he would leave it up to the states. I have heard people say i dont like his pro-life stance, and people should be telling them it dosnt matter, because he would give many powers to the states, allowing states to try new things and possibly be more successful, or take a hit. But i think it is much better to implement a policy at the state wide level and see if it works, instead of trying something nationwide... and then it hurting everyone. allowing states to compete is healthy and states should be passing laws that is good for the people in that region not everyone.

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the bottom line i ask others about is this....

would you rather have another four years of greedy, corrupt, money and power-grabbing government, full of crime, corruption, and scandal, or would you be willing to take a chance on one of the few honest politicians we have left, and vote for the only candidate who wants to restore our country to the greatness it once was, and give us our freedom back?


ron in 12!

Individual Liberty and Local / Regional / State governments

Yes,the priorities should be emphasized: Paul places Individual Liberty as highest priority; government in turn is best employed in order--locally,regionally, statewide, and then federally. In his discussion with Jay Leno, Ron Paul said that he agreed women should make their own decisions as to birth control, and "in their own bedrooms" they have that right. Also Ron Paul supports "day after" prescriptions and birth control prescriptions. As a physician he of course supports pro-life stances; he also thinks that other people should not be required to pay for health decisions that they personally find against their moral positions. I think this is where our health care and women's health in particular, run into concerns. It would help if Ron Paul would spend some time to discuss at length women's advantage of empowering themselves with the decisions of health and sexuality that they can and should be making, and educating other young women in this "sovereignty" over their bodies. The complexity of these decisions need not rule out independent sovereignty and liberty within respectful boundaries of other individuals and babies...

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

People who are Pro-Life

People who are Pro-Life should look at the progress we have made to overturn Roe vs Wade. Roe vs Wade became law in the seventies by the Federal Government! We have made zero progress. That should give anyone pause to realize federal laws are hard to overturn. So legislating should take some thoughtful deliberations. Now some are wanting a Federal Law to say when Life Begins. That is a slippery slope we all would be heading for. We don't need these social issues being declared legal/illegal by the Federal Government. I agree that people within their states should have a vote on social and civil matters concerning them and their families.