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How We Are Different Than Democrats and Republicans

How WE are different from establishment Democrats and Republicans:

I have driven through many cities and towns for work related travel. What I have noticed is Ron Paul signs battered and torn apart, many have been completely removed where I have seen them before, and some have been deformed beyond recognition by magic marker.

Obama/Biden signs are still up and in perfect condition. I have barely seen any Mitt or Rick signs, but the very few that I have seen are still up and fully intact.

While I utterly disagree with ObamaMittRick supporters, I respect their opinion and 1st amendment rights.

What I find repulsive is they do not return the favor and respect those who support Ron Paul. The establishment Democrats and Republicans are no different than each other, for they will stop at nothing to oppress the rights of others.

This is in direct line to what their candidate of choice offer. We are witnessing it today with HR 347 and MSM. They (the citizens themselves) believe that they are clever and will win, but someday this will backfire at them, and by then it will be too late.

It is sad that our own U.S. citizens will resort to such tactics when freedom and liberty is what we are trying to promote around the world.

I will still respect others 1st amendment rights and their opinions, but I now have no respect for those peoples actions.

Vandalizing is childish and cruel. What example is being set for the young people? Do they teach their own to participate in this practice and teach them that it's ok? Do they really believe that it accomplishes anything positive or that it is simply funny?

Democrats and Republicans, I will never resort to your mean spirited tactics and hostile vandalism. We are proud Americans who believe in our Constitution and respect Individual Rights. It is too bad that you won't take a few minutes out of your mean and viscious lives to understand us and Ron Pauls message of Liberty - it really is a good feeling to follow the Golden Rule.

Please, leave our things alone. If you do not like it, do as I do and simply look the other way. There is no need to destroy what others have worked so hard for. Like it or not, we are ALL Americans trying to survive and should at least respect each other enough to set positive examples for our children.

Ron! Paul! 2012!

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I agree with you...

...but I have seen plenty of people here talking about stealing Santorum signs or stealing Gingrich signs. I would say a lot of us don't steal or vandalize political signs, but to pretend that no Ron Paul supporter has ever done it is a little naive. We may be just as guilty as them.

"It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds."-Samuel Adams