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Israeli Relations - GOP of today vs Reagan

This is an article from Sep of last year. It is a must read for any Romney/Gingrich/Santorum supporters that you confront who insist they revere Reagan conservatism and despise Paul's foreign policy, and in particular, his stance towards Israel, which as you'll see, sounds much less hostile than Mr. Conservative himself. We know about the Iraqi nuclear reactor incidentin the early 80's, but as I didn't realize myself, being too young at that time to recall, there was much more to the Israel/US relations under Reagan than I realized. The point here is not whether Reagan was necessarily right or wrong in his foreign policy. More importantly, it offers up a new political perspective on matters of Israel/US relations in the context of today's political climate and can be used as easy material to call out the Reagan reverential hypocrisy of the other GOP candidates (not to mention most of the Dem/Rep establishment).

"Imagine if Israel would launch a successful preemptive strike against a country that is building a nuclear bomb that threatens its very existence, and the American president would describe it as “a tragedy”.

And then, not only would the U.S. administration fail to “stand by its ally”, as Republicans pledged this week, but it would actually lend its hand to a UN Security Council decision that condemns Israel, calls on it to place its nuclear facilities under international supervision and demands that it pay reparations (!) for the damage it had wrought."

Read the rest here: http://www.haaretz.com/blogs/west-of-eden/if-obama-treated-i...