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Obamacare reversal seals Republican fate in November

If Obamacare is overturned by the Supremes, which is looking likely, it will effectively be eliminated as a presidential campaign issue. That is if Romney is the Republican nominee. The media has annointed Romney this week and everybody and their brother are endorsing him.

This is the opinion du jour from Washington pundits.

If Obama loses this battle he will be able to diffuse the criticism by pointing out that Romney himself was the inspiration for Obamacare. Romney advocated for a national individual mandate, the unconstiitutional lynchpin of Obamacare, that the Supremes rightly abolished or will soon abolish. Thus, the issue loses its valence. I think this is correct.

Paul should join with Santorum in criticizing the choice of Romney. If Romney is the nominee, Obama wins in November. Or, Republicans get a President that does not respect the constitution.

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I disagree it just shows one more failer of Obama

lets the nation get a good look what they passed without even reading it.
Dooms democrats for there policies that are running for reelection probably loses there control of the senate as well.

Then it looks like all Obama

Then it looks like all Obama has to do is get the gas prices down and he's a shoe-in.

They are two peas in a pod!

Romney & Obama are the same! Daddy Bush endorses Romney today! As I remember one of the Daddy Bush quotes in a speech he gave..."It's time for a New World Order". Those were his exact words, clear as a bell! I heard it the very day he said it! All they do is replace one establishment president with another.

Right, the last thing Romney will do is attack Obama on mandates

Especially when they've already been repealed. Doing so would only allow Obama to say, "Romney did it first."


This is a big win for conservatism and a loss for Romney.

Plus Romney's involvement in Obamacare is worse than realized

Romney’s Advisers Met With Obama to Help Craft ‘Obamacare’

I'm just learning some of these things now, and sharing it with others, so I'm sure others are just now learning how deep this hole goes too as a result of recent coverage.