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Fox News Poll Completely Misses

Here an interesting poll: What's the Silver Bullet to Lowering Gas Prices?

I dont see an option for "a sound monetary policy" or "dis-inflating the dollar"

See for your self but based on the choices I was forced to vote: "There is no silver bullet"

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The solution to lowering gas prices is...the silver bullet.
The amount of silver in a silver bullet is worth a specific value on the open market...unlike the fiat currency.
Move to sound currency, and most of our inflationary problems go away.
I had to chuckle.

"Always vote your principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost." -John Quincy Adams.

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Propaganda Reinforcement


"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

more and more people don't beliive the news

It is spread that the news is pretty much fake, controlled, and it is losing viewers fast, because it is. Especially so concerning Paul and the election and stories of war and terror.

I post regularly on comment sections spreading the word and could use any help I can get to go do that. I call out articles constantly and get a lot of thumbs up to my comments on how the news is corporate owned and doesn't tell any truth.

Cluless, naive or complicit

Faux news is becoming irrelevant.



You can't get clean in a dirty bathtub.

d) All of the above