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URGENT Help Needed ASAP in New Jersey!

Additional Signatures Urgently Required for NJ Delegates!

March 29th, 2012

We need additional signatures in the following Districts:

Looking to Collect 20

12 Short - Looking to Collect 20

Looking to Collect 20

19 Short - Looking to Collect 30

The deadline for these signatures to get back to HQ is Tomorrow. (Friday, March 30th, 7-11 pm)

If you live in any of these districts and can circulate please contact Gloria Leustek @ freedomforall@verizon.net.

For Liberty,
Michael Ward
Communications Director
NJ Liberty Headquarters
109 Mercer Street, Hightstown, NJ, 08520

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stupid 202 phone number

I have been trying to do this for 2 months but I was repeatedly told that NJ is a primary not a caucus, therefore nothing could be done besides joining a group of supporters in my area.

Welcome, Kenny.

I have no idea what the 202 phone number is. We communicate with HQ people via email or in person at headquarters. I have not been given, nor have I asked for, a phone number.

DPers in NJ communicate with each other here on this website.

Here is an email address you can try: nj.libertyheadquarters@gmail.com

If you would like to help the NJ campaign, go to HQ at the above address in Hightstown tonight.

I don't know when they will be gathering there again but, I know there will be lots more to do and I will post any info I get about that to get the word out. This is a grassroots effort. The national campaign probably won't be doing much in NJ, so it's up to us.

the 202 number is campaign headquarters in DC

its seems nuts not to have a phone number available. i hear everyone talk about how organized ron paul supporters are. i left a message for mike last week and he hasnt called back yet.

Campaign HQ in DC won't help you in NJ.

Our HQ is strictly grassroots. Did you use the email address I gave you? Bear in mind that Mike and Neil are not paid by the campaign and work at other paying jobs. We are ALL volunteers in NJ. Try using email to contact NJ HQ.

and if this is so friggin

and if this is so friggin urgent then why isnt there a phone number listed?

come on NJ!

Lets get as many delegates as we can.

Come on NJ!

I know you're here!









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for New Joisey

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They still need more volunteers tonight & tomorrow night

to help with validation of signatures.

Mike Ward is also asking for donations to help the Ron Paul campaign in NJ.

Please chip in whatever you can:


Tell Mike

To get in touch with Fernando in Gloucester County, (Mike knows who he is) who has my phone number. I am in district 3 but should have no problem getting signatures from other districts.

Brick, NJ

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Thanks BoonesGrandson!

I just copied your reply and sent it to Mike Ward. I will be going to HQ tomorrow night to help out and will give him your message again, in case he doesn't get the email tonight. Don't have a phone number for him, or I would have called.