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Ron Paul youth organizer only Republican running in California's new 33rd Congressional District

Christopher David, a Ron Paul activist and youth organizer since 2007, is the only Republican running in California’s new 33rd Congressional District, challenging longtime Democratic incumbent Rep. Henry Waxman.

Christopher David is the only Republican filed to run against entrenched Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman. Christopher faces a total of three other Democrats, one Independent, one Green, and one Libertarian running in California’s first open primary since the implementation of Proposition 14.

Democratic registration in the new district is at 44% with Republicans at 28%. A Decline to State voter population comes in at over 22%.

Christopher has been a staunch supporter of Ron Paul since 2007. In 2007, Chris traveled to Iowa along with 300 other young people to campaign for Ron Paul before the caucuses. Chris stayed involved through 2008, helping to launch the continuation of the Ron Paul youth effort, the non-profit organization Young Americans for Liberty (YAL).

While working for YAL, Chris pioneered a project, Year of Youth, to elect youth to local offices all across the country in 2012 and every two years thereafter. His congressional campaign reflects an expansion of that project to include a nationwide youth-driven political movement for real change.

Christopher David has been endorsed by the Republican Party of Los Angeles County, along with the top two challengers against Henry Waxman in 2010 Chuck Wilkerson, and David Benning

Christopher's website is

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Break a leg

Good riddence to Waxman.

Refreshing to see....

I like the whole presentation, video and music....a lot different from the old staid traditional campaign websites... Good luck Christopher!

9-11 Media Fakery: Did anyone die on 9-11?

9-11 Actors:

Pysops.. media.. actors.. propagandists... disinfo agents.. fake videos.. fake photos

Good Luck David

I was at the San Francisco GOP Convention when I first heard David spoke. 100% RON PAUL supporter.

Side note: David has a attract girl friend.

I watched the video on his Web site.

Great voice and great animation but he needs better lighting and a classier background.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

I just saw a facebook ad for this guy

And so I searched him at the Daily Paul - this thread came up. Let's help get Christopher elected!

Just Donated!


Just matched yours.

Ron Paul 2012; Rand Paul 2016


Thank you - you are a friend to liberty.

Quick Article

Millenials Rising

Where are the rest of the youth liberty candidates running for Congress? I know Tisha Casida is and now here's Christopher David. They're the ones who need to be pushed out into the lead of this election year.

I met him at the CA

I met him at the CA Convention. I like him.

liberty lover in Nor Cal!

I met Christopher a few

I met Christopher a few nights ago at Think, and I was very impressed. Very interested to see the result of this. Keep up the good work Ivan...I left my contact info at the event and would be happy to volunteer for the campaign.

Thanks Christopher for all

Thanks Christopher for all your help. Keep the LIBERTY ALIVE.

We are working in dist 9 and 10.


...visit YAL if you have not already done so. Christopher David walks his talk.


The libertarian and RP republicans....

Ought to rally behind one candidate. It's incredibly foolish to run two candidates at once, when it's so hard to agree as is. Hopefully, despite their being two candidates, the supporters can rally behind one instead of split between the two.

Clear Choice

...for the generation that is going to redefine politics and reinstate liberty.

I am for Christopher David all the way.


We Always Invite Them

When we nominate small government Libertarians, we always invite the GOP voters to support them, but, unfortunately, they think it's more important to vote for the lesser Evil in order to stop the greater Evil, than it is to vote for what's right.

Libertarians are spread out between the two dominant parties (both of which have libertarian sub-groups in them), the independent or decline to state category, the unregistered (voting only encourages them) groups, those registered as Libertarians, and actual members of the LP (a few hundred members in CA). It has been enough support to keep Libertarians ballot-eligible, but that may be at an end, now that we've voted to limit our options to two candidates.

This is why the Campaign for Liberty and others are so important: freedom brings us together.

What do you think?

Best of luck

Best of luck to Christopher. What a victory that would be to upset Waxman!