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Michigan RINO Senator retaliates!

March 29, 2012

Patriot Voice Radio Network located in Petoskey, Michigan produces a syndicated political talk show which is broadcast on WKMT-1270 AM/92.1 FM with talk show host Greg Marshall. "Trucker Randy" Bishop has a weekly appearance on Thursday afternoon's from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.

The WMKT radio station received a cease and desist letter from Michigan Senator/Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville's attorney.

The letter states that if this radio station allows "Trucker Randy" Bishop on the air they will face a law suit. Supposedly this same attorney sent out a similar type of letter to both Mr. Bain and Mr. Bishop.

Senate Majority leader Randy Rchardville instructed his attorney to threaten a Michigan privately owned radio station and to limit the first amendment free speech rights of a Michigan citizen.

So lets review shall we, we have supposedly a Republican Senator in Mr. Richardville contesting our first amendment rights with threats of law suits for speaking out. He has his attorneys send a letter to a private business telling them who they can have on their radio talk show.

Senator Richardville continues to vilify those who would speak up against his "Liberal Union Loving Policies" by getting his liberal media friends to write and publish scathing articles condemning their outspoken criticism of the good Senator. http://www.mlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2012/03/post_73.html This is not an isolated incident in this regard concerning Mr. Richardville. I can only assume this article was written by a Liberal Media Democrat and the only purpose is to degrade and marginalize these citizens who unlike most are not afraid to stand up for what's right for their fellow citizens of Michigan. Could this be a plot to protect a union stooge masquerading as a Republican?

You make the call!

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From R. Al Bain; just forwarding from my email...

The link below is to the web page as to listen to Randy Bishop's response to Richardville's attorney's. Not sure on the time but I think he will be on the air live at 3:33pm. This is in regard to Richardville's attack on this citizens "first amendment rights" to free speech! Click the link below


in cahoots!

Opinion by R Al Bain
“Liberal Media to the Rescue - Defends “RINO” Michigan Senator”
What does it tell you when a leftist liberal media writer comes to the defense of a so-called Republican State Senator? For many true Conservatives and Patriots the answer is crystal clear. It’s bad enough when the Michigan Republican Senate Caucus members give this Senator a standing ovation of support for valid criticisms by Conservative party members and citizens that he is supposed to represent but the liberal media who has joined in as to protect this “Union Stooge” masquerading as a Republican.
Susan Demas who writes for and is a contributor to several liberal left socialist news publications such as the Huffington Post, Dome Magazine, and articles in the blogosphere arena has come to the defense of Michigan Senate Majority leader Randy Richardville. She has written several scathing articles condemning two Michigan citizens who dare speak out against this so-called “self proclaimed conservative” Republican Senator.
The articles written by this liberal writer prove her incompetence in the field of journalism! If I didn’t know better one could think she was paid by this Senator to write them? These articles are a one sided view favoring the Senator without the courtesy of contacting all involved. In none of her articles is there any mention of the Senators voting record favoring union institutions or the alleged infidelity’s that has caused his pending divorce from his wife of 30 plus years.
This is the same Susan Demas who wrote scathing and disrespectful articles in the Huffington Post concerning Sarah Palin comparing her to Lady Gaga right down to her glossy lips and heavenward gaze. In this same publication she also writes about support for both gay marriage and civil unions in Michigan saying: It will be interesting to see if the Senate GOP caucus would reconsider their strategy on this issue, but I'm guessing they ignore it or ask Gary Glenn and his American Family Association of Michigan to spit out some propaganda that makes them feel better.
This is a perfect example of what has happened to our once principled Republican Party. When we have Republicans condoning and protecting “RINOS” within the party ranks and allow the liberal media to defend them, Houston, we have a problem! The Republican Party is hemorrhaging members and votes at an alarming rate but they continue to coddle these types within the party and continue to throw moderate left leaning candidates at its base. This is a recipe for disaster and may very well doom the party!

morning bump;

...any comments from Michiganders?

The worthless tax feeder

doesn't have a leg to stand on.
He can't tell anybody to "cease and desist" anything.
He's just so accustomed to using his office to bully people around that he thinks he's king.

I say double the air time for Trucker Randy.


...updated with additional link...