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Please add your input to the April 15, 2012 "In it To Win It" MONEYBOMB planning!

April 15th is our Mark

In It to Win It Moneybomb!

~Please use this thread as a way to collect ideas, promotions, valued input~

there is also a start up funding chip in for creating the web page etc because last time there wasn't one, we also need avatars, videos, pictures of people WINNING caucuses, big crowds to see Ron, etc...And give your own ideas, people are just getting going with this....

please see the attached thread -- you can post there, or here, and please upvote this!


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Domains have been purchased.

Right now we need $30 for an SSL certificate we'll need for a facebook app, please help out if you can.


Facebook event page is setup,

Facebook event page is setup, should have graphics in tomorrow afternoon, site is currently being set up, please join the facebook event to show support, thanks.


Just invited 1270 friends to

Just invited 1270 friends to the facebook money bomb event page. :)


Chipin to Help Programmer/Designer create Assets for April MB


Ron Paul Supporters,

I noticed the last money bomb didn't really have a website, the creative drive, focused development, promotion and marketing support that it should have had. With regard to the creation of the April money bomb site, graphics, promotion, etc., the project should be elevated above a simple “volunteer assignment” in order to be truly effective. I know normally we would want people to volunteer for web development duty, but this might not be the best way to get the the results we need in terms of fund raising during the next money bomb date. Perhaps a new approach is necessary, and this project should be conceived in the same light as a professionally made promotional event as we've done in the past with our more efficient money bombs, and can grow from lessons learned to make the next one as successful as it can be. To that end, I thought would run this by you guys so that at least the idea would be on the table.

Both my friend Dave (graphic designer) and I (programmer) would like to work on the next money bomb as we did building out the site and marketing/advertising graphics as well as doing promotion and communications for www.NoOneButPaul.com back in February. In order to do this right we would need to be able to focus on the new site for April for the next few weeks working on it full-time. Below is a quick description for the project and a link to the associated chipin. Indeed, a chipin or other similar fundraising initiative must happen in order to cover of all the costs involved such as paying for email distribution to 10k+ subscribers from all the previous money bombs, advertising and promotion fees, hosting as well as misc expenses and be able to cover us for the next few weeks while we work on the site.

(chipin summary)
Hello Ron Paul Revolutionaries, I'm a programmer by trade and work with a great designer and we both have experience in the web development industry. We are both eager to work on the next money bomb website, graphics and applications come April, however in order to do this we would need to clear our schedules and be able to work on the site full-time for the next couple of week. In order to be done correctly we would have to invest quite a lot of time and resources, including what could amount to 100+ hours of work by each of us. Our intention is to create a polished, professional site, graphics and applications from the ground up. Although personal funds were expended for the NOBP Money Bomb that reached over $2 Million in Feb. a more concerted and professional approach with regard to funding is necessary. A realistic budget must be created that would cover the various costs. Some of the things that must be incorporated into this budget include mailing list distribution costs for 10K+ email addresses of Ron Paul supporters, as well as web hosting, and promotion of the MB. Manpower expenditures must be considered as well, because our own bills must be tended to during the few weeks of the site’s development even as we put our concerted, full-time effort to creating site that’s professional and effective. We believe that anything less than a full-time concerted effort would result in a marketing work, graphics, applications and a site that is haphazard, difficult to navigate, and – functionally speaking – unable to meet the demands of a site in which moneys are totaled, traffic is tallied, and buzz is generated to direct to the official site during the money bomb date.

We need your help in order to allow us to do this critical work by contributing what you can. We are ready to move on the money bomb promotion work, graphics, site, marketing, etc. and to do all the promotion work that would go with it to make sure that supporters across the country know where to go when the time comes. To that end, we plan to build viral applications that would draw supporters to a the site that will be easy to remember, just as we had done with No One But Paul, but this time, we will bring all the tools we can to the table to make sure that the new money bomb will generate more traffic and therefore more fund raising for the official campaign when the time comes. If this start up money can be raised in the next few days we can get started right away. Keep in mind that we are also open to suggestions for effective applications that would augment standard money bomb sites, even those that were used on Black This Out, Tea Party 11, No One But Paul, etc. Money Bombs.

Here is a link to NoOneButPaul.com as sample of the kind of site we can put together for the next money bomb.

Chipin so that we can work on the April Money Bomb:


Social Media Promo

What resources/where should we look for resources to be available for promoting this via social media?


CVRP is a grassroots veterans group focused on providing a policy perspective from the men and women who have served our country. We invite everyone to look at our site and resources.

We are also recruiting new contributors so if you are a vet, that

Unity in Diversity Money Bomb

Just a thought, but there have been several threads about how to pull in special interests groups like homeschooling (protecting the right), organic growers and GMO labeling, making hemp legal, etc.

What if there were specific issues money bombs aimed at them ....with sites listing related articles and Dr. Paul's stance (actually their only hope)...perhaps even religious freedom (ie. Muslims 4 Ron Paul, Mormons 4 Ron Paul, Christians, Jews etc.) ...and they all feed into the Unity in Diversity Money Bomb. It just could be that this would not only bring way more people in, but also that the special interest groups would enjoy seeing their money bombs climb $5 and $10 at a time. Perhaps some of the sites already exist...but would just need a money bomb added.

Does this have any merit?


Wouldn't "End the IRS" or

Wouldn't "End the IRS" or something along those lines be a better name for the moneybomb?

I just contributed!

Thank you for spearheading this project. Ron Paul is the only candidate discussing the issues affecting our freedoms, liberties, and our economy with solutions now.

I hope you reach your set monetary target. Good Luck!

For College Towns

People/Groups who want to have a fair..or bizzar..what ever you want to call it..
Games-music-food (Carol Paul's chocolate cookies could be served)...maybe an auction..a date with the hottest chic or dude..(never went to college so have no idea)

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

So is it of the general

So is it of the general concensus that we combine the promotion efforts with not only the RON-Y 2012 marketing but with a moneybomb + enrollment into a RonPaulPayday program?

President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.

Tax Day

"Now that you're done filing your taxes, vote for Ron Paul"


"If you don't want to do this again next year, vote for Ron Paul"

or anything along the lines of ridiculous tax system we have in this country, vote for Ron Paul.

While we are at it

Lets do whatever we can handle.

Ron Paul Take over the world bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think the recurring payment thing will work great. We won't need any more money bombs we will just have to focus on educating people.

Restore America Now

could also

Could also set up tables in public with the means to make donations, use laptops to play videos, get people off the street to donate, most don't even know paul, it is a two pronged attack.

what happened to the idea

of wireless credit card machines to have on hand at all events? With crowds like that, it could be a good idea.




How about instead of the moneybomb going to the campaign and paying Jesse Benton, we use it to help our Delegates get to Tampa.
I've heard a couple people say they might need help getting there. Isn't the most important thing, that our delegates actually make it to the Convention?

Just brainstorming, Let's say we have around 400 Delegates.
Airfare, Hotel(4 days 3 nights) and food roughly $800 each.
Round up to $350,000

We've done that in half a day.

Let's Do Both!

Let's do both. Jesse's doing a great job and we need to continue funding his efforts, but the delegates must have whatever they need as well.


I agree with you as far as providing assistance to delegates &

troops that need help with expenses but I think that should be over and above getting the campaign in a strong financial position. I am actively trying to find a couple of people locally that I can help and I hope others are doing the same in their local area.

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

Is it possible to set up autopay for recurring, monthly

contributions? I think many supporters would gladly sign up and let it run through the primary. I wonder how many people give periodically but would donate more often if they didn't have the time & hassle of entering their credit card info, etc. every time. I said on a different thread - think what the campaign would be able to do if a million supporters pledged only $10 per month!

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster


I have left a message with my campaign contact but have not heard from him. I will try again and mention it.

That would be a small change in the script of that payment page. They should be able to do it pretty easily

Thanks! I hope it can be done - I would sign up for $100/mo

and I find it hard to believe there aren't thousands of others out there that would do the same. Even the financially strapped (aren't we all these days) would gladly give $5 or $10 on a monthly basis for such an important cause!

God grants liberty only to those who love it, and are always ready to guard and defend it. – Daniel Webster

I just sent Donovan a message about it

This has to be done

Sending email about it.. I've

Sending email about it.. I've got some personal cell phones I can call afterwards to try and work my way up until I reach their web developer teams

President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.

I am in

I have been emailing donovan and jack back and fourth this morning. Message me also and let me know what you need

I am going to stay awake to get my RP Project launched on monday also.

Lets Rock this people.

almost 1 million people voted for ron paul. IF we can get them to give $25 Ron Paul will have almost as much cash on hand as romney

Lets do this people. Lets make history and show them what we are made of

Please Upvote this DP! -- We

Please Upvote this DP! -- We need to market this next bomb extremely well for our OWN FINANCIAL SAKES!

Early advertisement, activism, promotion will get us MORE AND NEW SOURCES FOR REVENUE!

With the Official numbers starting to come in from the early caucus states Ron Paul is starting to build momentum in the delegate race!

Using this Moneybomb we can send out headlines, videos, reports of these delegate totals and fight the MSM narrative along with getting back the soft supporters who don't want to throw their money at something they are hearing doesn't have a chance.

Ron Paul = WINNING!

President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.

I'm wondering if anyone would

I'm wondering if anyone would be interested in combining/shelving the moneybomb ("yet another moneybomb") with an idea for the campaign's first "infobomb."

Instead of asking for our supporters' money, we are simply asking for their activism--the simplest form of activism around: sharing via social media.

Frankly, while I know the campaign needs funds, I'm afraid we've gone to the well too many times with the same approach.

What I'm proposing is a bit of a gambit, but the idea is for the infobomb to sweep the web, go massively viral, and bring tons of new interest and supporters into the campaign.

These new supporters will drastically swell the base of monetary support.

The way I see it, this is a way to "grow the tax base" instead of just taxing the workhorses out of existence, while generating a surge of new excitement into the campaign.

PLEASE check out the details of this idea here: "RON-Y 2012"



I am going to be sending out an email on the launch video vote.

I am launching monday no matter what.

MMS kindof screwed me and I have been waiting for them to fix a bug on the Rss feed management but we can't wait an longer.

Good thing is the owner is a RP fan. I am hoping she will work with us

Sweet AirFreddy. I hope she

Sweet AirFreddy. I hope she helps us out! Keep me updated pls...

Oh good you guys already have

Oh good you guys already have coordinated with each other.. I just sent Fred an email to check out your RON-Y post since it kind of resembled what was in the works :)

President or not, the Revolution is happening and it grows at the local level.


You should be on the ballot for your local Republican Central Committee.