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Well, I convinced one person

So a lady I used to date (Obama 08 supporter) posted a comment on my Facebook page a couple weeks ago lamenting our current president and presidential candidates. I told her not to despair and sent her a few links about Dr. Paul. I also warned her of the typical smears from folks who simply don't understand his policies: Dr. Paul is misogynistic, homophobic, anti-environment, pro big business, etc.

Yesterday out of the blue she posted a big ol' Ron Paul banner on her Facebook page.

I've also nearly managed to convince the lady I dated before her!

Now if I could just find a current date to convince...

Liberty in GA!


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I'm happy that you take Dr. Paul's advice seriously.

He says to have fun while we spread the liberty message. So, have lots of fun dating and converting.

For the sake of Liberty

you should get a new girlfriend every week. You're on a roll with your ex's! I count at about 30 new converts if you date one a week haha


I'll pitch in on a Match.com account for you so you can manage multiple in a week.

Eric Hoffer

Bump for the message spreading

Way to go!

Free includes debt-free!