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Please sign to help Dr. Paul get on SNL

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yeah ,it's not.....

showing our reasons, that's weird.

"Observe the masses,and do the opposite."

not showing our reasons

Signed the petition'
wrote reasons

reasons dont show
only names

and in caps tho I wrote in small letters
its not user friendly


Not sure, but should

Not sure, but should undercover delegates be signing anything that has to do with Ron Paul?

I don't either,

but I wouldn't risk it. They could always fwd the petition to friends and family. Or open up a separate email account.

Free Advertising

And lots of follow-up vids on U-Toob on the Monday after.

Ignore the media's lies and propaganda.

I can't imagine...

I don't mean to sound like a downer, but I just don't envision SNL as being Dr. Paul's type of thing. Maybe I just think too much of him to see it. I don't know. Given the right situation, I suppose it could be positive, but I have my reservations about the idea.

why do you doubt...?

when we have seen Ron Paul can handle himself in any
situation or venu

SNL gets an audience that isnt primarily focused on politics and might well be taking up any comments from
letterman or other "comics"

As I see it SNL is a cool spot for Ron Paul to reach people who have no idea of his wit and charm.

He will make the audience sing and clap for him !

he is like that, infectious personality.

I know what you mean, but

I thought the same thing, and in all fairness, they have mocked ALL of the candidates, and actually this one was kind of favorable:


I agree that it may not be his "thing", but don't forget that he did give up campaigning to go halfway across the country "just" to be on Leno.