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Robo call of the Judge Nap. in Texas

Someone started robo calling using a Judge Nap. what if segment. A person posted this on Judge Nap. FB page and said he didn't know who organized it, so I hope who ever did it got proper authority to use that segment so the Judge don't get mad at us if it's someone here.

Phone call came from 805-436-7125

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I posted about this as well

I've received two of them so far

IMPORTANT: Can Someone Tell the Campaign

I have gotten two of these robo calls in San Diego in the last three days.

Don't get me wrong. I love the judge and his "What ifs" however, it is way too long and BOTH calls I got were so filled with static that they actually had a negative rather than positive impact.

Hope somebody can get word to the right people about the static. If I was not a Ron Paul supporter I would be irritated by the length....(just a few pertinent bites would be more impactful)...but primarily by the static.

The static actually puts the Judge as well as Ron Paul in a less than flattering light.


Yeah, the calls I received

Yeah, the calls I received were low quality as well.

Might As Well Bump Once

...in hopes somebody sees it. If two of us had a couple of calls and they were low quality then we can assume that this is a poor recording that needs to be corrected. You'd think they would check and know.


I got one call yesterday and

the quality wasn't great but not horrible. My voicemail picked it up and it used the maximum that my iphone will record for a message, 4 minutes and it wasn't finished. My caller id said it was from Oxnard California.

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California Organizers

....Please read. My calls were from California. The recording is really full of static. It is a waste of robo calls, really. That bad.