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"Inflation is NOT a problem" says MarketWatch Contributor!

MarketWatch contributor Charles Sizemore thinks that inflation isn't a problem. Well, I guess if you look at the statistics that the federal reserve releases or other government agencies than yes, it seems as though inflation is not a problem. But if you look at the amount the dollar has been devalued since the federal reserve began its practice of "stimulating and regulating" the economy, you must wilfully blind yourself to not come to the conclusion that inflation IS a problem.

Charles ends his article off with a nice FALSE statement: "But even if I am wrong and inflation ends up being higher than expected, the growth rate of the dividends should guarantee that you outpace inflation and that your standard of living continues to rise".

Yeah, inflation may not be as big of a problem if salaries etc. rise with it, but they dont rise with it and we all know that and the continuing inflation, as recent news shows, is leading to countries (like China) looking for a new reserve currency because the U.S. dollar is not stable. Now that is something that would bring down the standard of living. Check out the article for yourself, its "enlightening"!