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Oath of Affliation at Texas Precinct Conventions-Experts needed for advise

I have just received emails about Precinct conventions to be held this Saturday, March 21, 2012 for my county, Johnson.

Also, there is a notice stating we will be required to take an Oath of Affiliation. I have been a delegate several times, but dont remember this oath. Does anyone in Texas know what this oath states? Or is this another trap for RPer's?

Maybe this is something new, since Texans will have to attend precinct conventions before we are able to vote in the primary, May 29th. We used to just show our voting cards to prove we were Republicans.

Any advise anyone?

What do say if they make us list our preferred candidate?

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The one used in Travis

The one used in Travis County:

“I, the undersigned, swear that I have not
voted in a primary election or participated in a convention of another party during this voting year. I hereby affiliate myself with the Republican Party. I understand that Section 162.014, Texas Election Code, provides that a person commits
a Class C Misdemeanor offense if the person knowingly votes or attempts to vote in a primary election or participates or attempts to participate in a convention of a party after having voted in a primary election or participated in a
convention of another party during the same voting year. A vote in a primary election is void if the voter previously voted in a primary election of another party or participated in a convention of another party during the same voting year.”

These oaths were always available in order to change party, so this part of it has not changed.

I Nacogdoches during the 2012

I Nacogdoches during the 2012 elections, we had to sign a testimony that we WOULD NOT vote for anyone in the final November election other than the winners of the Republican GOP primary (Romney, et al.) and if we did we would pay a fine.
I thought this was nonsense at first and wrote in Ron anyways and never got a bill or notice I did something illegal, I think it is a bunch of scare tactics. Even today at county meetings they preach the (hurry up and support our establishment candidate because he has money and the party chooses him anyways) attitude.

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bumping an older

bumping an older thread
Looking into party affiliation laws for the upcoming primaries and precinct chair elections

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Yes, normally in Texas we vote at the primary first and then the precinct convention follows the close of voting. After that we have the county conventions, and even later the state convention. This year is unique in that due to our redistricting and the map approval by the appropriate authorities, we had to push back our primary voting date. Now most, if not all, Texas counties will not be having a precinct convention but will instead skip that step and go straight to the county conventions. The way the voters are normally verified as being qualified to participate in the republican conventions and delegate selection process is by voting first in that primary. This unique year the convention will happen prior to the primary vote so the only way to verify that the participants are going to vote republican in the primary is to pledge under oath that they are going to vote in this primary and that they have not and will not participate in another parties primary this election year. Pledging this oath will only bind you to the republican primary contest and will not keep you bound to the republican candidate come the general election. In the general election in November all the ballots will be the same and you will be able to vote for any candidate from any party. Hope this helps. There is no trick. Don't be afraid to take the oath.

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And I think your title of

And I think your post is incorrect. I think you meant April 21st, not March 21st for SD Conventions.

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

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Precinct Conventions for Johnson County Mar 31, County Apr 21

First thing I heard that Texas wouldnt have Precinct conventions unless your particular county decided to do so and arranged it.

Then I heard Tarrant and Travis ( I think) county were having Precinct conventions but no other county.

Now I get the email from my County Republican Party website that Johnson county is having Precinct conventions this Saturday, March 31st, and the County convention on Apr 21, 2012.

It is probably different depending on your county.

sorry, that is all I know for now.

or this Saturday!

March 31 - in less than 48 hours - you better check!!!

I heard the same thing from

I heard the same thing from my Co Chair yesterday. They want you to pledge your vote to the Rep party, as I understand it.

I was also told that I could not be a delegate because I closed on my new house yesterday and I have not been a Co resident for the Min of 30 days! I'm pissed...

I have a parlamentarian looking into the legality of this. My Co Chair was very helpful thru email, then once she discovered my young age, her tone changed instantly. It is horrible. The GOP is dead, dead, dead...

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." -Benjamin Franklin

Little Elm, Tx


I don't have a problem with the general oath as I understand it from http://law.onecle.com/texas/election/162.007.00.html

"I swear that I have not voted in a primary election or participated in a convention of another party during this voting year. I hereby affiliate myself with the __________ Party."

Thing is that's just for Precinct conventions... and then I saw this one (it's a pdf): http://www.williamsoncountygop.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/0...

that one Does concern me.

On my application for Precinct Chair, I signed (after MUCH hemming and hawing) one that says:

"I swear that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States and of the State of Texas. I am a citizen of the United States eligible to hold such office under the Constitution and laws of this state. I have not been finally convicted of a felony for which I have not been pardoned or had my full rights of citizenship restored by other official action. I have not been determined by a final judgment of a court exercising probate jurisdiction to be totally mentally incapacitated or partially mentally incapacitated without the right to vote. I am aware of the nepotism law, Chapter 573, Government Code."

So now, apparently, I have to defend a law that says you cannot own more than 6 dildos. How do we EVER get laws changed if Everyone has signed a thing saying they will defend the laws? Didn't make sense to me, but my boss and others said I was being nitpicky and nothing like that would ever come up....

Anyway, don't think I'm being much help, as usual. I'd have no problem if it's the one in the election code, but that's just for Precinct conventions, and I don't know if a County can make up their own oath in their bylaws or not. If so, there could be problems in some counties.

Not that two wrongs make a right... but the political class has lied to me all my life. According to the Golden Rule, that's how they want to be treated.

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Texans, advice needed