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RP Time Man of the Year? Vote here!

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Nice vid

about this!


When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift


Ron Paul is at over 90% "Definitely", while Santorum and Gingrich are also at over 90% - "No Way"

I also up-voted Peter Thiel

Didn't Ron Paul win the last 4 years in a row

or something? But they never play fair.

They messed RP over

royally on the 'Bracketology' poll. The winner was supposed to receive the cover, and an article. RP won it in a landslide, yet the cover had a Bass fish on it, and there was a crappy little blurb on Ron way in the back. They even claimed they received a bunch of hard copy votes for Romney in the regular mail. Shyeah, right.

Another time they asked folks to vote, and the winner was Julian Assange, yet they put Zuckerberg on the cover.

They are just Fox News in print.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

People on reddit annoy the hell out of me

There are some Ron Paul people on there, but idk they are all just pretension quippy snobs.

Im glad the daily paul believes in something. fuck erik martin. he made a website that upvotes articles. big deal. revolutionary is in some humble old doctor from texas, who speaks to people's souls

how was it paul was like in

how was it paul was like in first by thousands of votes and then bam that other reddit guy is like 5k ahead lol. someone turn on the deibold counter and start flipping votes? geezus they even rigging the time magazine votes now too haha

the guy got 2 billion hits whooopdeedoo and now he's rich.

ron paul has support worldwide. he stands up to one of the biggest threats to humanity and thats corrupt government and bankers. if there is anyone whose influential it's him. if there is any heroes it's him. if adele wasnt around or reddit i think we'd be just fine. if we were all still asleep while the world turns into a chaotic power hungry/warmongering society with ww3 starting then that would be without ron paul.
he is a rock star everywhere he goes without even playing music.

take it as a HUGE compliment...

i saw it too....

Time magazine is sellout.

They won't allow him to win.

I cannot see them putting Ron Paul as TIME man of the year

they will figure a way to manipulate Ron Paul out, or they will just plain not print it if he wins. We are used to all of this noise by now. Nonetheless, I voted & its helpful to have a lot of people voting on items like this because it shows the Mainstream media how many people are awake to their manipulations. Bump

james williams


definitely vote down Erik martin. reddit is whipping us the last hour. i dont think reddit will vote down RP though.

Welcome to the R3VOLUTION!

Ron Paul as Time MOTY....it will be Awesome. For the man who supposedly has "no chance" of winning the election.

It's a sign....it's happening...the r3volution is ON...

I vote for me

I think I should be man of the year because I have a Nobel Prize and I like cats.

Paul Krugman, PhD, Ivy League

Time Man of Year has no credibility in my view...

Here is a totally liberal operation which had Pbama as Man of Year...and Obama really has no business being President or even being called "Mr President."

I would not like to see P:resident Ron Paul elected by Time, or even associated this Good name, Ron Paul, on the Time Cover...let them stick with the man who is the first person to ever hold the office of President who is in violation of the US Constitution.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

Why would you think any

Why would you think any publication that isn't peer reviewed has credibility?

come on now

Obama was the cats pajamas in 08. so he was pretty influential. yeah he sucks as a president, but he is a campaign monster

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Let's keep it going!