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It's sad when...

I just realized, I learn more news about the world on Comedy central like the daily show with John Stewart then on MSM. Stewart's recent episode with the author of "Pakistan on the brink"(I believe that was the name), was more serious then the rediculousness on CNN or Fox. The seriousness on those networks make me laugh. The interview was actually very informative about how Afghanistan feels about the US... Oh and Colbert just let me know Obamacare was struck down. Nice!

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ill give you an upvote

But learn to correct some of those misspellings.


I supposed that is kind of important, i made it readable and typed it up what was on my brain real fast, scanned it for any red squiggles and boom. sorry if my under case "i's" bothered you! haha

i dont care about lower cases...obviously

Im more concerned for your use of the word "then" when you mean "than." also dont know what the word rediculousness means?(lol i do) Also, Jon Stewart's name has no "h."

I hate Grammar Nazi's but if you are a Ron Paul supporter we cant let our guard down whatsoever. Our claim to fame is that we are intellectually superior to all other supporters(or atleast i like to think so).

in fact you should youtube right now "Grammar Nazi college humor" or if youre looking for more of a thought-provoking discussion check out Stephen Fry's take on "language" they are big hits on youtube,

I know you mean well, but if

I know you mean well, but if you are going to critique another person's grammar or spelling its best to watch your own. Check your apostrophes. Should be I'm not Im. Should be can't not cant. Also, Nazis is plural and not possessive so you don't need an apostrophe there. I agree. We must be conscientious and careful.

Blessings )o(


I'm not a Grammar Nazi. I dont even care about apostrophe's's's's'. But misspelling words is a little different. In one of my papers I wrote in high school i put an ellipsis everywhere there should be a comma in defiance. it just looks really bad when you put "than" instead of "then" like you dont know the difference. apostrophes are almost unnecessary. everyone knows there is an apostrophe in "IM"

but i will concede i did mess up on the nazi's one

to say something like a jackass would: "ill let you know when im writing my english paper"

it just really bothers me when my friends think im stupid for not using correct punctuation or grammar. if i know the difference between socialism, communism, capitalism then im pretty sure i know the difference between their there and theyre and you dont have to act like youre intellectually superior cuz you just pointed out my mistake.

I learn more on Youtube ;)

I learn more on Youtube ;)

"The economy's not a class you can master in college. To think otherwise is the pretense of knowledge."

well that goes without saying for most of us on the DP

it was just funny for me today when i was on CNN and started laughing at how much they were blowing up the whole Zimmerman case, then i switch to stewart and actually learned something about how we promised so much to Afghanistan that we cant even provide and then ditched and started nation building somewhere else.

It's sad when

a thread can have 18 positive votes and no comments.

P.S. I agree with your assessment, btw.