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Western NC Regional Delegates Meeting

Sunday April 1 at 3PM
East Coast Wings & Grill
1875 E Broad Street, Statesville, NC

This is a chance to talk shop about how the campaign is shaping up, ask questions about the process, the finer points of Robert's Rules, etc. The meeting will have at least one person who has been to every convention since 2008, so bring your questions!

Charlotte carpool:

Meet between 1:30 to 2:00 at the park and ride on the southwest corner of Tyvola and South Blvd. The lot usually has fewer cars closer to South Blvd than near the train station stairways. Departure at 2:00 sharp!

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one more bump for the weekend

East Coast Wings & Grill at 3PM
1875 E Broad Street, Statesville, NC (just a little east of 77)


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For important info,


I strongly suspect most of the people who missed the Rally last week are in western NC. There were county conventions taking place on that Saturday in several counties, and it's a long way to RDU where the Rally was held.