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The corrupt GOP establishment is truly starting to rear their ugly heads by endorsing Romney.

(Just to name a few names that have endorsed Romney.)
George H. Bush, Barbara Bush, Jeb Bush, John McCain, Jon Huntsman, Tim Pawlenty, Chris Christie, Mark Rubio, & Donald Trump so far.

All are progressive big government RINO's.

What is amazing to me though is that Romney still polls under 40% nationally even with the corrupt GOP establishment endorsing him. I guess misery truly does love company. What strikes me as odd too is how in debates, no GOP candidate ever references the "Great" Bush's. No, it's always Reagan. I'd have to wonder if some of the company that Romney keeps now is actually helping bring his numbers down nationally.

Ron Paul however, just received 17% nationally in a recent CNN poll. That is the most he's had so far in one of those polls. In fact, Ron Paul is gaining, while Romney, Santorum, and Gingrich are all slipping.

The corrupt GOP establishment IS crumbling, and Liberty is Rising. Hallelujah!

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What will all the dumb assed Republicans do?

Now that they're all lining up to endorse Romney, on the same day the PPPoll comes out showing that Obama would trounce Romney! They've got to be feeling real queezy, like maybe they're being sold out to another 4 years of Obama by the real powers that be. The ones that pull the strings in the media for whoever they desire. The GOP isn't really about conservative principles any more than the Democrats. They're not about Liberty, not about individual rights. They've got to know that Ron Paul could beat Obama NOW, even without the help that the GOP could offer. Just imagine if the GOP did rally behind Paul.

alan laney

Romney and the Liberals are a thing of the past.....

An ancient relic of Communist history, mythology and lies.

They're all best friends of Nancy Pelosi & Obama!!!

Santorum won't give a single nod to Romney, he'll gladly nod to Paul any day of the week instead & the Tea Party will never approve of Obama's brother Romney!!

It'll be a matter of minutes

'til Palin announces Mitt was always her favorite.

Go on Santorum & Gingrich

They can go on and endorse Romney too. Either way, there is more 'Anti-Romney' votes in the Republican party, then there are 'Pro-Romney'. He still is around 40% with Ron Paul rising. I even expect that number to not get better with Santorum dropping out.

Go on Ron Paul. I can't wait to see Ron Paul start getting over 25% nationally in the polls.

What some here fail to

What some here fail to realize is that a good portion of that "anti-Romney" vote is even more "anti-Paul." And if you think about it, it makes sense. Romney is closer to Santorum, Gingrich, and all the other flavors of the months, than Ron Paul is.

Just curious:

Is there a list of senators, congressmen, etc. that have endorsed Ron Paul? It might be nice to have that to help to promote those people in their states too.