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Updated/More Video: 5,200 Attending! Full Audio & Cool Pics from Wisconsin

5,200 Head count announced by Youth for Ron Paul! (UW Police announce 2,500, but who cares?)

Biden drew just 200 in Wisconsin today-Counting Secret Service

AnCapMercenary has posted full video Here

Photos from my Twitter Crowd from a tweet by @zthomae

Nice Photo from Puma for Life from comments

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Just Amazing! Thanks for the

Just Amazing! Thanks for the photos! Too bad we are not going to hear or see about this on the MSM!


They've been covering Biden all day and he doesn't even let them into the fundraisers :)


I wish I could have been there!!! If only I didn't live 4,000 miles away....

President Paul!!

OMG Ron Paul is pushing every

OMG Ron Paul is pushing every man, woman, and child out to sea!