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The main reason a Republican needs to win if Ron Paul doesn't is...

first off to expose the republican side to be the same as the democrat side, and to buy us some time. If we get another 4 years of Obama, we are cooked, because he will bury us further and then they will push the next republican after that to save the day. If Ron Paul does not clinch it, which I hope he does, we cannot afford an Obama win if we are going long term strategy. We have to get the savior republican in office, and they will have two choices half of which won't be different from Obama. A new republican in office will have to do one of two things, improve things a bit, or totally expose the republican party by further destroying this country. It is not to say that if they improve things economically that they will not push anti civil libeties agendas along the way. The economy will improve but the devious bills will continue along. If Obama wins he will toast us up for 4 years and then they will still be saying Anyone But Obama and they will stick their next puppet in the game from the republican side to save the day. If we truly believe we can make a difference given the time, and time has shown we are gaining. Do we shoot our progress in the foot and allow Obama to be reelected which could be the very last nail in the coffin, or do we help the turds bring in their saviour and expose them for being exactly the same. We must face the fact that if any other republican wins beside Ron Paul, that they will have to boost things for now to save a side of their game, which gives us more time, but also may make the republican side actually look like true saviours, but while they look like saviours, they will chip away at other things. Time is what we need. Obama winning buys us no time, it ends it and paves the way and buys them time for their next republican puppet. We need the next republican puppet now if Ron Paul does not win. Does this make any sense? You can search through my history, I have been here over 4 years and I am not stepping back, I am looking forward to our chess move.

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A vote for Mitt Romney assures a definite War with Iran, more mass murder, and $6.00 gas prices. With China and Russia supporting Iran, this chain of events could create a real WWIII scenario.

Mitt Romney also thinks Dick Cheney is a great man, and would re-appoint him back into a position of control.

No Way.
Vote Ron Paul or vote 3rd-Party.

Don't ever vote for a ditto-head, GOP Neocon.


EIGHT ENDLESS YEARS of Bush, USAPATRIOT, GWOT, DRONES, and 'NATION-BUILDING' wasn't enough to wake the sheople up (they voted for Obama, remember?).
What rational proof do you have that we would even SURVIVE the next four years with Mittens 'Bain Capital' 'RomneyCare' 'Big Dig' Romulan/Sanitarium (3rd most corrupt Senator of 2009)/'Moonbase' (read the intro to 'Future Shock', calling for the overthrow of the Constitution) Gingrich?

Sorry, Ron Paul, 100%. Ron Paul On November 7.

The 'Well, we will show these sheep that R's and D's are the same' argument is a hopeless and nonsensical non-sequitor. I wish it were otherwise (I really do), but the people will get what they deserve. They will reap what they have sewn. IF enough people elect the only candidate that stands a chance of reversing the Titanic's course towards the iceberg, we might stand a chance.
The 'Anybody but Obama' argument is what is referred to as a 'STRAW-MAN' argument.
NOTHING CHANGES, unless Dr. Paul is elected. PERIOD.


The Main Reason This Post Should Be Moved To Off Topic:

Because it is.

every new president keeps us on trajectory

think about that. picking up where the previous one starts to lose steam.

don't make me type more than this. we've covered this a thousand times already.

Cept when Mitt Romney becomes

Cept when Mitt Romney becomes the guy the people hate while he's in office and then they switch to another Democrat next time around. If Mitt wins, we don't get to send another liberty candidate into battle in 4 years. I don't vote Republican, I vote Ron Paul.

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

I am so sick of this kind of

I am so sick of this kind of nonsense. The truth is that we need Romney to face a humiliating defeat should he win the nomination, for there is no way the Repubs will ever reform if another neocon bankster wins. Think about it. If Romney wins, he won't be able to stave off the eventual downturn, and it won't lead to Rand gaining the nomination in 2016.

We must destroy the Repubs if they choose not to accept Ron Paul as their nominee. Only then will they turn to Paul's philosophy, and they will once Obama's second term descends into an even greater quagmire.

Sorry - I don't see it your way. You say it buys us time but...

...I call it status quo...

Kicking the can down the road and appeasing enough of the "conservative" side of the country to make them think there's a actually difference between the 2 parties.

It's Paul or no one at all for me.

My strategy is just the opposite of yours. I say LET IT BURN!

If Obama wins again (because most Ron Paul supporters go 3rd party), then maybe things will get so bad the sheeples WAKE UP.

These 2 parties have fooled the populace into thinking they're any different - While we get fleeced by policies of BOTH PARTIES ie:

WHEN HAS A REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT EVER tried to END the federal income tax?


Or go after the FED???

See what I mean?

And Romney ain't gonna do either of those things EITHER.

And then you say vote for Romney to "expose the republican side to be the same as the democrat side."

HUUUUH? You don't think we already KNOW ABOUT THAT. Why do you think we SUPPORT RON PAUL IN THE FIRST PLACE?


I'm sorry but I couldn't disagree more with your philosophy.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

supreme court

Is about it for me.

No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world.
-Pat Buchanan

I think it has been exposed ad nauseum.

The lesser of two evils is still evil.

Ron Paul or Revolution!

I agree tog2476

The GOP is like soil. Call it crap. It takes good stinking crap to grow awesome flowers/fruit.

Ron Paul is like a farmer, and he saw the GOP as the soil, or crappy soil, where there was room to grow a rEVOLution to Restore America, retain the Republic.

We are the seeds. We are the future. We are the grain that will produce the future flowers/fruit of the GOP. Some of us will root in the GOP crap and become leaders; some of us will live long and prosper in the GOP eventually planting a second generation of seed.

It doesn't matter who is president. The president is really not that important because he is controlled or he is eliminated by those who are above our laws.

It is more important that Ron Paul continues to plant seeds representing Liberty, Freedom. Limited government, sound currancy, no taxes, ending a prison state, the Fed., and global wars. It is more important that those of us who heard the call and rooted ourselves in the GOP crap have a future beyond 2016.

Running for president must be more than a flash in the pan, all eggs in one basket labled, "Ron Paul or NOTHING". You will get NOTHING. Foolish hearts with no committment beyond November election... they are not seeds who will continue the legacy of Liberty, but bird food.

Those of us who have made a committment to Ron Paul accept his field, the crappy GOP, as our new home, and it's up to us to RESTORE the GOP to become OUR party, the Political party standing for Integrity, Limited government, sound money, ending global wars and a police state, fighting for freedom and prosperity, RESTORING AMERICA'S REPUBLIC for which we can stand tall, as home of the Brave, Land of the Free.

The GOP is not the problem, the corruption is, and we are here to choke out those weeds and produce the fruit our farmer Paul intended for us.

Ron Paul Forever!

As a chess player

As a tournament chess player, this sounds like it ends us with doubled pawns and a rook down.

Yeah no, if Paul doesn't get the nomination I'll be voting for Gary Johnson.

Eric Hoffer

No One But Paul

Do not get sidetracked. STAY FOCUSED!

No more see-saw Dem-Repub-Dem-Repub.

No more discussion pertaining to other candidates unless it involves strategy to defeat them.

Write-in if necessary. In some states write-in will not count unless a percentage threshold is reached - then it will count! EVERYBODY must write-in Ron Paul if he is not on the ballot!

GOP is nervous because Paul's supporters WILL NOT BUDGE. Keep it that way. Period.

No One But Paul 2012!
No One But Paul 2012!
No One But Paul 2012!

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

Parts in this reply that I find needed emphasis

"Do not get sidetracked. STAY FOCUSED!

No more see-saw Dem-Repub-Dem-Repub.

No more discussion pertaining to other candidates unless it involves strategy to defeat them.

Write-in if necessary. In some states write-in will not count unless a percentage threshold is reached - then it will count! EVERYBODY must write-in Ron Paul if he is not on the ballot!

GOP is nervous because Paul's supporters WILL NOT BUDGE. Keep it that way. Period.

No One But Paul 2012!
No One But Paul 2012!
No One But Paul 2012!"

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed."~Mahatma Gandhi
Quick Humorous Satire course on Ron Paul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_65316&...

You haven't seen the kind of

You haven't seen the kind of money Obama is already raking in...and they are only just getting started. There is no stopping that kind of force. As much as the media and banking interests supports Romney, they support Obama even more so. He has been preselected by the special interests. If this is a money game, Romney has already lost.

Ron Paul is the only one who could possibly compete with all that, not because he'd have the financial backing to compete, but because of his ideas. He is the only candidate that is a direct antithesis to Obama's philosophy and could stand a chance with a message that could resonate enough with the public to wake people up, and drive them to vote, protest, organize, etc. That's it.

That's why despite the fact that he doesn't have big money flowing in from big financial backers like Goldman Sachs, the establishment still feels he is such a threat. They know they must avoid a televised debate between Ron Paul and Obama, or the message could truly start to take off. And they won't be able to hold it back, if that happens, because if he is the nominee, the media won't be able to simply black out his campaign and still maintain any sort of credibility. If all of a sudden the GOP refused to support their own nominee, it would be glaringly obvious and the American people will see. They will see just how contrived and controlled our elections really are. That's why they have to have an establishment candidate as the nominee, even if he is just being set up to lose anyway.

It makes no sense to me.

At some point, I have to stand on MY principles. The caucus was, frankly, traumatizing. The "faithful" in the GOP are openly hostile. I would not vote for one of them for dog catcher. Mind you, I won't participate in the election fraud ever again. (Yes, I will vote for RP if he is on my ballot. I will not bother to go down to write him in, and I am not voting for any other office.)
It is a scam, it is treason, and I am through coddling traitors. I can't fight them, I won't join them, best I can I will ignore them until one of us goes away.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

sorry, but if...

"(Yes, I will vote for RP if he is on my ballot. I will not bother to go down to write him in, and I am not voting for any other office.)"

If you meant that, then coddling traitors is exactly what you would be doing. That is how we got here, and ignoring "them" will get you a ride on the bus to... ??

I would rather see divided

I would rather see divided government than see a Republican in the White House who will go along with government as usual. At least with Obama in the White House, the Republicans pretend to oppose some of his proposals. Ron Paul would bring sanity but if I cannot vote for Ron Paul then I will vote Libertarian. I would never vote for one of the war mongering, big government Republicans.


If Ron Paul does not win, the Republican party needs to realize in no uncertain terms that they are now completely irrelevant and will never win another election until all their leadership and policies change. End of story. If one of those other bozos win, it will only mean that they have succeeded in fraudulently winning the election WITH OUR HELP which we should never give them.


Santorum would be disasterous to the US. Romney, I believe would put a bandaid on an open wound for 8 years. A Republican cannot win other than Paul. That way we only have to wait 4 more years for someone like Amash or Paul2 to run. Chances are good that the democratic pool will be just as dismal because they are not cleaning house in the right ways right now.

I tend to agree

but for slightly different reasons. Regardless of what so many here say, any piece of shit is better than Obama.


Come on people!Pauls know better then to waste energy on this arguement! We are dealing with two wings of the same bird...it is what we fight. One is NOT better then the other. It is a Hegelian dialectic, the apperance of opposites with the same goal... do not buy into this! WE have to take the long view, not the seductive short fix, that is not a fix at all.

Persistance is omnipotent...

If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

You are crazy.

If the American people haven't been able to figure out that the Republicans are no different than the Democrats after Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush and Bush (and Republican-controlled Congresses that never reduce the size, cost or power of the Federal government or abolish unconstitutional departments but instead increase the size, cost and power of the FedGov AND get us into unconstitutional wars), what makes you think they will figure it out with Romney?

All the "conservatives" will go back to sleep if Romney is elected. I was hoping that this post (http://www.dailypaul.com/222466/no-compromise) would have had more responses and perhaps made it to the front page, but you need to read it. Voting for any "Republican" besides Ron Paul is the WORST thing we can do in the Presidential election.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

My point is that

for many, but not all democrats, Obama has proved to be George Bush the 3rd. Many of these democrats have pulled over to the Ron Paul camp. Take California for instance where the one lady who owned a Medical Marijuana Dispensary went on the news to say that their community would be throwing their support to Ron Paul now. Obama has exposed a lot of people to the truth through his lies. I don't know if ever in history we were ever in a Anyone But Obama mode before in terms of getting a different president elected, and I believe that the powers that be win regardless if it is Obama. But, you have to think for a second, an Obama win means no holds barred for the powers that be, they have free run. If a republican wins, and they go down the same paths as Obama this time around, the republican side is exposed, or they may take the second option, which would be to slow down their agenda and make things look all peachy again for a little while. Either of the latter two cases buys us time. I am talking thinking strategically here. My point with all of this is what gives us more time, an Obama win, or a republican win if Ron Paul does not win it? If Obama wins, in four more years after that it will be Anyone But Obama all over again. We have come a long way in 4 years, imagine how much further we can come in another 4, especially if their chosen republican does just as sucky of a job. We will gain more ground being able to say the republicans suck also.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

I don't believe that

I believe if Ron Paul doesn't win we need to have the most obvious target possible in the White House to force the issue.

Patient gradualism is done for a reason - it minimizes resistance. If you have a tooth ache, and it's sort of tolerable, you seem to be thinking we just take some pain killers and buy some time (i.e., put off dealing with it.)

I say we need a dentist that wiggles and jiggles your tooth and causes you some serious pain so you are forced to have the tooth pulled (or filled, whatever.) iow, deal with it now, don't put it off.

The tactics that will ultimately turn things around (mentioned in the link above) won't stand much of a chance if anyone other than Ron Paul or Obama is President. We need things to get worse faster so enough people wake up to do something about it. The slow gradual approach of electing "Republicans" still ends up with us in the gulag.

No King but Jesus, no President but Ron Paul

Let's do exactly what the

Let's do exactly what the establishment wants us to do. Good idea. Then in 2016 we'll all vote for the Democrats, then the Republicans in 2020. That'll show 'em.

It does not matter

...because the President is running out of wiggle room. He has lost his political advantage ie. lame duck term

Looking forward to those Senate races. Could be some big upsets.


I think it's too early to decide what needs to be done.

Obama is the worst president in U.S. history in my opinion. But, if Republicans can win back the Senate and retain control of the House, Obama will be forced to show his hand and legislate more of his radical ideas through executive order. Hopefully, that will alienate and wake up enough Indies and Dems to the fact that Progressive Socialism is pure statism. If BO wins reelection and Repubs can contain him, I have no doubt a Republican will win in 2016, but just like this election, there's no guarantee that Republican will be a Ron Paul Republican unless the Ron Paul grassroots finds a way to sway enough REPUBLICAN voters in Ron Paul's direction between now and then. At the end of the day, whether Obama wins reelection or not, the only way our movement is going to have any success at the ballot is to win REPUBLICAN converts.

Republican Party: Bush Family Party.

Republican Party: Bush Family Party (...now giving Romney "their blessing" 666)

Any questions? Hmmmmm?

Wisdom Strategies

We live in a two-party system.

There will never be any national success outside of that two party system no matter how strong the grassroots is. Why? The megacorporations and banks have only to snap their fingers and we get outspent by their puppets 20-1. Like it or not, we either fight as an interparty force in the GOP, or get reduced to an insignificant, fringe element.

NO! Without Ron Paul: More War and Evil.

No. Without Ron Paul?

The Bill of Rights and The Constitution: Gone.

War with Iran? A certainty.

That would wipe-out whatever is left of the economy and could easily escalate into World War. WAKE UP.



RON PAUL: President of The United States Of America 2012

Wisdom Strategies