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Wisconsin could be ripe

It's probably too late to light a fire under the campaign so it puts energy into the Wisconsin primary, but here's a piece urging that strategy that I wrote for Front Porch Republic:


I know it's easy to second guess what the campaign staff is doing, but I don't understand why Ron couldn't have camped out in Wisconsin for a week instead of spreading himself so thin--a day here, a day there, a day somewhere else. Why not target a handful of friendly states? Unless he does surprisingly well in one of the remaining primaries, media coverage will continue to dry up.

Wisconsin is winner take all, but most of the national convention delegates are decided at the congressional district level, not statewide. If he comes in a solid second or even a strong third statewide, he could still pick up some delegates if he can carry a district. Sadly, I think the Wisconsin primary could have been won if more time and attention had been paid, but a solid second or third might still help a little.