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2,500? Madison Police Can't Count

The UW website says the venue sits 2,700 and can handle 5,000 for events such as concerts. We had early-entry tickets, got there nearly an hour early, and were not able to sit. There were people overhead on the roof. People behind the seating area and on both sides as far as the eye could see. People between buildings that were out of sight. There were at least as many people standing as sitting, putting the crowd easily at 5,000.

If they are that incompetent, I hope I never need a Madison cop.

UW security tried to confiscate my sign. They said it had wire handles and was dangerous. I had the wire covered with styrofoam! The Commie Keystone Kops realized they weren't going to get my sign as easily as they thought and relented somewhat, letting me keep it as long as I didn't hold it high (which I honored until near the end of the rally).

I mentioned to the Commies that I had brought the sign to Ron Paul rallies in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Dubuque (IA) without complaint. They said they weren't part of the Ron Paul gang, they were with the university. I told them bluntly that their Communist university security was more stupid than all the others.

He replied, "I can see you are passionate about that sign, and you have tried to make it safe with the foam, but it is highly visible [yeah, doofus, that's the point!] ..." then he made the deal to let me keep it, partially hidden.

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To Clarify

It was the UW campus kops who estimated the crowd at 2,500, not the Madison police.

That explains it for me. I saw how incompetent the UW mall cops were.

I saw that sign

and I saw many other signs that were NOT being held up. Why? Perhaps the bored UWM cops were busy telling everyone the same crap. Every YouTube video of other rallies there is 1 sign waving in the air for every 4 or 5 people. Didn't see that in Madison.

Very much enjoyed the rally even if it was a cold and windy March evening in Wisconsin. This was the first time in my 52 years I ever bothered to go see a presidential candidate but then I never was interested in seeing one before the good doctor came to town.

The right to own weapons is the right to be free!
ABATE Wisconsin

I held the sign up at

the end of the speech, and immediately the cameras and compliments started coming out, just like everywhere else I've had that sign (Chicago, Minneapolis, Dubuque).

The thing that ticked me off was that a bunch of my WI Facebook friends were going to look me up by that sign, so I didn't get to meet many of the people I've been in the Ron Paul trenches with the past five years :-(

Probably will never get another chance to meet those people, thanks to the UW "progressive", "liberal" mindset of running our lives and protecting us from ourselves like a good nanny.

Another Incident

some guy tried to climb a tree near us to get a better view. The Commie Kops made him get down - for his own safety, no doubt.

LOL What?

you cant climb a tree if you want to?

There goes any chance of

There goes any chance of winning the Miss Congeniality Award...

Actually, I was congenial

at first. I asked if I could go someplace off to the side, or in the back, safe and out of danger. They weren't willing to work anything out when I was being polite.

The said I could take the wire out and they'd keep it until after the rally, but that would've destroyed the sign, which is posterboard stapled around a lawn sign. And it's autographed by Dr. Paul - so they were gonna get destroyed before my sign was.

When I got indignant with them, they became more willing to work something out.

If you're on Facebook, here is the sign: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150693465268788&se...

I have styrofoam around the wire. How much safer can I make it?


let me know when you've developed a safe and invisible sign...I've been looking for one of them.

Don't go to Madison

without one.