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People divided; no common ground;
We, citizens share; once together, found.
Refine reasons, "United" stands.
Come together; Ours, affects ALL lands.

Why controlled fame, livelihood games?
Why listen to programmed names?
Our Republic should take Their reigns;
it is She, only, who truly TAMES!

This Public sure could "Stand;"
becoming an enormous, runaway, governing hand.
Capture the heart of this life-threatening beast.
Down with its control; repression says, least.

Dishearten this creature,
bury the weakening feature;
remain common, plant Your ground;
living free from Any master's bound.

Surround citizenry, troops, and all;
commit actions; duty given, it's Our Law.
United We Stand; or simply; We'll fall.
None too big and none too small.

Restore "One" nation, home an abroad,
by; shining light on rhetoric's fraud.
Truth be, comes a musical sound.
Individuals: Freedom Is Our Common Ground!

Ideas carry-on; we people die.
Generations inherit, more-than; Land, Water, or Sky.
Freedom for ever; that's Priority's call!
Time has come for President, Ron Paul.

by C. L. Allen
aka callenfallen

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