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Good Night, America, and Good-Bye

by Philip Giraldi, March 29, 2012
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It is interesting to note just how well this imperialism thing has worked for the American people. At the end of last year the U.S. was kicked out of Iraq after spending some trillions of dollars and producing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Americans. Al-Qaeda, which was not present in Iraq when the U.S. arrived, has lately been responsible for bomb attacks that have killed hundreds of Iraqis, mostly civilians. As a result of the ham-handed American intervention, Iraq’s closest friend now is not the U.S. It is Iran.

Appalled by the excesses of the U.S. military, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has followed suit, initially demanding that the U.S. restrict its soldiers to their bases, a move that would mean that the American presence in Afghanistan could well end in short order after the loss of another trillion dollars and the deaths of some tens of thousands of coalition soldiers and Afghan civilians. Even if Karzai accepts a continued U.S. presence that is more managed by his own “sovereign” government, the writing is on the wall, and all that is needed is a firm departure date. Oh, and the Taliban will definitely be coming back in one form or another.

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Philip Giraldi

was Dr. Paul's foreign policy advisor in 2008. His quick sketch bio in Wikipedia is interesting:


He notes that Israel is trying to prise the Kurds away from Iraq and since their alliance with Turkey has suffered somewhat they are certainly more focused on that. My recollection is that this was always part of the Yinon plan.



The entire Middle East and North Africa is changing shape before our eyes as first this power and then another manoeuvres for advantage in a very fluid situation. The original Pike plan was to engender a battle to the death between the Muslim powers and the political Zionists. I believe the recent Arab Spring, Libyan war and the other government changes have been made with this end in view. The Islamist extremists are now moving into power in most of the Middle East and North Africa. This is setting the scene for the final confrontation between Israel and those she perceives as her existential enemies.

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Bomb Iran and Syria then

Makes sense to me. John Bolton told me on CNN or Faux or Romper Room that bomb good, peace bad.



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