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Wow ... we know the establishment/MSM has been throwing everything they have at the Ron Paul wave, but ...

.... It seems like this past week, they've started throwing the proverbial kitchen sink now at the Ron Paul wave. With all the Romney endorsements happening this week, and now it seems like the MSM is saying it's essentially over. And the MSM spreading rumors that Ron Paul is making deals with Romney. It's like the alarms are firing at establishment/MSM headquarters and they realize they have to step Ron Paul wave suppression up a notch (As if they weren't already doing enough suppression).

Has anybody else noticed that? Thoughts?

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Yup but just remember their

Yup but just remember their smears make no logical sense...if his campaign is as deflated as they say it is and he has barely any delegates to effect anything, where is the credibility in the idea of him making deals with Romney? For what? 50 delegates? And if his following is so small just who are they trying to pander to and influence here with these stories? They are spending this much effort to smear and demoralize a tiny group?

Yes it has been very obvious.

My conclusion has probably been echoed by others but it is that the opposition are suddenly aware that they have been outmatched and they were unprepared for it. They thought their usual poll framing, media manipulation and election fraud would do the trick. They were over confident.

They have now realised they have lost their grip on the minds of the people and they are panicking. Their last best hope is to do what they always do but on steroids in the belief that it will work as it has always done in the past.

It is just like Bernanke at the Fed who keeps pushing interest rates down and credit supply up expecting the economy to recover as it has in the past. They are even publishing ever more fantastic statistics to prove to themselves that it is working and hoping everyone else believes them. But we don't and the numbers are growing.

This is the turning point as I have said in other posts. This is where it seems like the opposition are going to win again but there is a mysterious force that is changing the way people are seeing and hearing.

Suddenly more and more people are seeing and hearing the lies they have been told. They are seeing and hearing a new truth. They are waking up from their media induced slumber and realising that the world is not at all like they thought it was. THIS IS HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. It is too late to stop it. It is increasing exponentially. The man behind the curtain has been exposed and the cleansing rain is about to begin.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

MSM: We can fight the incoming tide with spears!!!



hell ya thats a good idea for

hell ya thats a good idea for us! I'll have to talk to my bro first since we have verizon cable but i'm all for removing cnn/msnbc etc from our list and i'd take the money and donate to ron paul. thats what we need to do. why even watch the channels anymore let them talk to themselves 24/7.

Send the MSM a message by

Send the MSM a message by canceling your propaganda subscription and giving the money to Ron Paul. They are watching as more and more people cancel their propaganda subscriptions either because they can't stand the MSM, they can't afford it, or both. There is a massive awakening ahead, and it is funny & sad to hear about these failing networks baling out their sinking ships.

I say hearing because I have never owned a cable subscription, and haven't watched TV in 5 years. Turning it off and looking around at the world is the start down a path to enlightenment. The sooner we ignore them like they ignore Paul, the sooner they either change their tune, or pack up and shut down.

That said, I am not surprised to hear their propaganda tactics are in full gear, as they see the revolution on the horizon, and it means the end of their shoe in revolving door with the government that grants their sponsors and subsidiaries all the shortcuts to easy profits, looting the taxpayers through lobbying and inflation.

End the Fed + End the Wars + End the MSM = Freedom

Stop feeding the propaganda machine. Turn off your TV.

The fed reserve bankster owned media want RON PAUL out bad.

He is making fools of them.


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They own the media and have ordered all

pundits to get Paul out of the race.

They can announce that Romney

They can announce that Romney is the president and it still wont matter. They have proven to the world that they do not report the truth. What they say has never matched reality. When Ron Paul becomes president they will refuse to report on it and they will tell their viewers that Washington DC was engulfed by a giant sinkhole. Fox News will be taken over by Fox Sports and we won't hear anything out of Washington for at least 4 years. They're no different than mental patients.

You will be labeled a truther

You will be labeled a truther for claiming Washington DC is really there.

Now that

was funny. Thanks, I needed a laugh today.

I see the pressure on

I see the pressure on Santorum to drop out increasing. Frothy needs to stay in the race. He is a fragile weak willed man who very well may bow to the pressure even though some of his best chances to win are in front of him.

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Even with the messiest of the proverbial kitchen sink, the MSM

cannot hide & silence the NOBLE FACT that Ron Paul is the ONLY presidential candidate, who has the courage to speak out for PEACE, sound money, LIBERTY and civil rights .

The freedom message IS getting out as proven by the large numbers of people who manage to gravitate to his rallies with short advance notices. They sure didn't hear about his visits on MSM.

RonStock 2012

I know someone has posted the first video below not too long ago, but It's amazing some of the reactions I can get from people when I show them the clip so I figured I'd just repost it(first time I started watchin it I was kind of like "wtf", but I'm very glad I finished it :-)

A quick history of the "100th Monkey"

A RonStock attendance could seriously surpass Woodstock if enough money was raised(initial investment, but definitely charge for attendance) and it was well enough organized..Screw it, have a National RonStock Weekend, where there's like 5 different locations strategically placed nationally so that as many people as possible can attend one. I bet 5 individual locations could garner atleast 200,000 people each. Woodstock only had an estimated 500,000 people in attendance...The media will work endlessly to ignore this but a blackout will be impossible (what the hell are they gonna do when a 1,000,000 RonStock Tickets are confirmed sold?)..Charge a measly 19.99w/ a service charge and it would raise $20Million

go figure, even in 1969, the media was working hard to Blackout important people and events)

"I knew that if there was going to be a revolution, there would have to be young people and music" -Ron Paul-

De criminalize Liberty!

Yes...it shows the average vieweer of MSM that the media works

to influence their minds. The people are now AWARE of this and many have left in droves. Look at CNN...a huge loss of viewers...at lasst report about 15 percent. FOX News another huge loss of viewers...don't know about MSNBC, but the facts are this: The average US American has now been awakened to the fraudulent practices of MSM which includes the print like Time and their "Man of the Year" fraud.

If Henry Luce were alive today he would most likenly have gotten rid of the current crop of anti American editors.

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

4th of JULY Woodstock for RON PAUL

Let's have our "Woodstock for Paul" on July 4th at Noon

So that as many people as possible can participate I suggest we have one at each of:

l. State Capital steps of California-Sacramento
MC to be Josh Tolley
2. State Capital steps Wisconsin-Madison the speaker to be the new head of the Iowa GOP, a Ron Paul supporter
3. State Capital steps of Texas, Austin speaker to be Ron Paul
4. Washington D.C. capital steps speaker to be Rand Paul

Everybody brings a flag or a Paul Sign.

Starts at Noon


July 4th Woodstock for Paul

I like this!


Just Noticed

The comment I left above,after yours, was in a way quite similar to yours..Seriously didn't notice yours til after I had posted, so I wasn't copying or anything..Gave ya a thumbs up though, because your idea is dead on with having multiple locations...Nationwide, easily a million people for a "RonStock Weekend" :-)

De criminalize Liberty!

The GOP knows

Ron Paul is winning and cant be stopped. The only way to beat him is for Romney to Lock in the Nomination by hitting the magic number. The GOP is scared and the only way to Stop Dr. Paul and the revolution is by forcing Santorum to drop out and I see that possibly happening.

"Give me liberty or give me death" Patrick Henry

This is all in God's hand

I am praying for His blessings upon us, and that He will forgive us as a nation in our wickedness, and put Ron in the White House with His protection and guidance.

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

I was thinking the same thing

Seems rather obvious that the word must have gone out from the RNC to get on board with Romney right now.

It's time to start planning

It's time to start planning our "Woodstock" type of event.

The Summer of 2012 will go down in history as the time the FED was ended by it's 100 year anniversary in Dec 2013

I like the "Woodstock" idea....

It could be very big,and hard for the media to ignore.It would also be a great way,to bring us all together in fellowship with one another.Better hurry though,as it takes time to plan an event of that size,and where would we find backers?

Check this crap out:

I sent this letter to the editor of my local paper:
On Mar 23, 2012, at 10:55 PM,
Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Editor,

The Chairman of the Mendocino Republican Central Committee, Stan Anderson, informed me at the last Republican Central Committee meeting, that I had collected enough valid signatures to qualify for a seat on the Republican Central Committee. I am very pleased to know that I will be serving my community in this capacity. I appreciate all those Republicans who signed my petition for ballot access knowing that I am a Ron Paul Republican, standing for a renewed effort to promote the belief in liberty, limited government, and sound money, with integrity, and transparency. I look forward to working with Stan Anderson, and every RCC member, in building a better Republican Party, one that Mendocino County, and our coast, can be proud of.

--- On Tue, 3/27/12, Editor 1 wrote:

From: Editor 1
Subject: Re: Letter to Editor
Date: Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 12:13 AM

Sorry, we do not publish letters and notices about candidates. We list meetings and report on forums that all candidates are invited to, but we do not allow any to be singled out — it gives the appearance of favoritism and we NEVER support political candidates.

My reply:

To: "Editor 1" I'm not a candidate. I will seated in June occupying a seat at the Mendocino Republican Central Committee. It's a done deal. I'm IN. I will be representing the Republican Community in this district. I AM a Ron Paul Republican and that's how I campaigned. My campaign is over. I won my seat.

Peace be with you,

xxxxxxx, A Proud Ron Paul Republican who is now seated on the Mendocino Republican Central Committee as a member.

Our paper came out yesterday, the headline news was about a Democrat who was seated on the Board of Supervisors. Favortism? Hell yeah! I'd love to sue these jerks!

Well done The Granger.

It is Americans like you who are the best hope we have for the world.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

You need to submit an article ...

It appears they won't accept partisan letters to the editor, but they do report "news".

If that doesn't work, then take out an ad.

Come up with some creative way of showing the "reason" your letter was rejected and the the headline about the Democrat story. It would be great if you created a satirical cartoon.