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After the convention... what then?

Yes, we have a lot on our plates to deal with right now. But...

Looking ahead, what happens after the convention?

I have been following with interest the debate on the DP over the campaign Republican/delegates camp and the third party/Independent run camp. Amongst all the bashing, there have been some legitimate arguments from both sides of the debate.

I'm hoping that someone will reveal that there are two plans already in place.

Plan #1: Dr. Paul wins the Republican nomination. What then?

Plan #2: Dr. Paul loses the Republican nomination. What then?

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Oh...and a pro-life libertarian...

...President has GREAT influence. Listen to Dr. Paul's speech he gave to the South Carolina pro-life forum this year (by satellite from DC), and it's clear that there are major things a President can and should do to protect Life and Liberty under the Constitution. It's not accurate to say that a President doesn't matter in this regard.

Stay focused

We are in a race. Run with all we have in this race. Then we will deal with what's next.

This race can be won, it will take even more effort than any of us have put forth so far. Not just money, but primarily exposing Paul to the public. Public events with videos and speeches for Paul. Even just a table with laptops playing videos and handouts for Paul, with peole there for others to talk to about Paul. Show the media corruption to the public, show the real turnouts for Paul. Show Paul's real stand on matters...expose the fed...etc....etc...etc..

Do it, get busy, time is of the essence, we win this.


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