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I'm a cautious person

When it comes to claims of conspiracy or "how the other side is wrong", I'm especially cautious - because I've been on both sides of a lot of issues over the years.

I started watching this thinking of the numerous plausible reasons for having the info centers collecting personal data: data convergence revealing potential terrorists, identification of groups that would attack government forces during times of crisis due to misinterpretations, and similar things.

I couldn't defend the policy on the centers when we learned that they are accountable to no one the public has access to. I thought "Well, maybe it's a misguided political effort, made so that operations to gather terrorists can be disavowed, and make it seem like the US isn't in crisis."

But then it seemed that more information is gathered about political dissidents and third party supporters than people with criminal records. At best, this seems like a mercenary operation funded by the government, kind of like Stratfor.

I thought that the residential camps might be for people infected by disease or chemical attack, who would otherwise try to escape, and in so doing cause harm to more people. I thought the coffins might be a chemical-containing sealing tank for those who died. That does make sense.

I can even understand hiding this episode, because of fear of the panic it might cause - whether that panic is about chemical attacks in the US, or government control of citizens.

But I can see no reason to divide the US into ten zones with appointed governors.

There are plausible reasons to think that a lot of this is being done for the good of Americans. There's also evidence that even if that's true, it's out of control and can be used for harm.

The government needs to bring this stuff to light and make it accountable to the people, or shut it down.

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This Police State Episode Is Bombshell

TruTv only ran this episode one time. This episode was de-listed from TruTV’s website, clips from the episode were removed from the website and re-run airings were canceled due to pressure from within the government. In fact, they even went into personal DVRs and TIVO's and scrubbed the recorded episode. Share this video with everyone you know!

Erasing from tivo

A friend of mine at work had this happen to him. I recorded the show (on DVD, not a tivo) and watched it on the weekend. When I was at work on Monday I asked him, if he had watched that episode. He said, "No, but I'll get to it, it's on my tivo." A couple of days later he says to me, "What was the name of that episode?" I said "Police state."

He said, "Ok, I'll have to check it again, cuz I didn't see it, but some other ones were still on there." The next day, he told me that the police state episode wasn't on there, but previous ones were and he had the tivo set to record every episode. "They probably erased it." he said. I said "They can't do that, your tivo just probably has a glitch in it and didn't record."

That night I went home and searched for others having problems with the police state episodes, and there were tons of stories of people having that episode erased off their tivo.

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— Henry St. John

I like Jesse

and this is why I just wrote a post suggesting Ron Paul prepare to run third party with Jesse as his running mate!

i like jesse a lot

His crassness reminds me of my father. Id rather he NOT be the VP due to this.

Thanks for the clarification

I didn't get any comments on my post, just a couple down votes and I was wondering what people thought about Jesse as a running mate.

Watch this!!! Very informative!!!

I watched it when it came out. Anyone that has any doubts of what is coming should watch this before it gets taken down.

Ron Paul for Freedom!!!

Knowledge is the currency of the Universe.-
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos

He also said that when he got

He also said that when he got elected Governor, he was brought down into a room with 30-50 government leaders and they were interrogating him as if he were a criminal. One thing is clear, anyone that has ties with our government fears Jesse and they know what kind if chaos he is capable of causing with trying to corrupt TPTB and their agenda.

I think Jesse had a good idea when he decided to move to the mountains in Mexico, far and far away from anything. He doesn't watch tv or listen to the radio. He does this to cleanse his mind and spirit of the trash the MSM/TPTB try to pour on top of the America people.

I agree. Except in Mexico you

I agree. Except in Mexico you aren't really out of the reach of the US government.

or Yemen, or Afghanistan, etc.


lol true, the one world

lol true, the one world govenment is Washington these days.

For now.

I always thought Glenn Greenwald was smart to move to Brazil before he began writing on political topics. Although he did not do it for that reason it may turn out to be a safeguard against some heavy handed US government tactics against him.