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Why doesn't the free market work in journalism?

I don't know anybody who wants to be lied to, kept ignorant, or fooled on a consistent basis.

Oh sure, there are people who don't want to know that they have cancer, enjoy a stage magician, or go to a movie hoping to be able to lose themselves temporarily in a fantasy world.

But I don't know anyone who consciously WANTS reporters, columnists, and news analysts to distort, spin and censor their information.

So how do the current newspapers, magazines, TV networks, cable channels, and radio stations stay in business?

More importantly, why should we have to struggle to get the REAL news in front of the masses?

And before you start blathering about "sheeple" and "head in the sand" metaphors, consider this.

Michael is concerned that once the current presidential election is over, that his web traffic will drop off like it did in 2008.

Because of the new bumper crop of competing websites that will be sprouting up to report the truth? Because all of our problems will go away? Because Fox News will go libertarian 24/7? Because it really is all about Ron Paul as some kind of cult figure and nobody actually cares about his message?

Any thoughts?

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Yes, the wealth that is looted from us...

...is used to forge our chains.

But even government subsidies by the billions can not make a lie more valuable than the truth.

It may make it more ENTERTAINING, but it can't make it more true.

But what that money CAN do is brainwash our children (and us) to the point where we can not recognize the truth when we see it.

That is why no grand expose will ever result in the routing of the conspiracy by the enraged masses.

It isn't simple greed, stupidity or ignorance that keeps the masses in chains. (Although all of those things help.) I know plenty of generous, intelligent, and educated people who reject Ron Paul even after I have spoon fed them the truth for years.

These people are brainwashed.
You can't have a free market populated by zombies.

(Save me the jokes about a commodities exchange in brain futures, please. ;-))

The Virtual Conspiracy

People will say they don't want to be lied to

in the same way they'll say they want to exercise more and eat healthier. That doesn't mean you won't find them sitting on the couch eating potato chips, drinking soda pop and watching someone lie to them on cable news.

True, people are lazy and hypocritical.

Yours Truly included.
But what makes hearing/reading/watching the truth more WORK than listening to the lies.

It IS more work to DISCOVER the sources of truth.
But once you know where to look it is as easy to access.

Its just as EASY to make a bookmark in your browser pointing to the Daily Paul as it is to Fox News.

I believe that the WORK is suffering the psychic pain of recognizing that you have been WRONG and either choosing to rearrange your world view or rationalize your rejection of the truth.

The Virtual Conspiracy

I'll tell you why.

The free market works because of information. Journalists control the information, so the market is distorted. It's the same concept as the Fed controlling the money supply.


MSM has Established

MSM has
Established audience
Massive but restricted entry platform (TV)
Production value
Resources for large numbers of employees and travel

If liberty-related news attempted to overtake msm it would probably have to start with a local news cast in the most liberty loving town and it would have to focus on local news consistently & liberty when opportune. Theyd have to do better job reporting and entertaining than msm and theyd need advertisers. But then you have the problem of which channel it would be on.

During the 2nd News Conference about Obama's

Birth Certificate on March 31st, the lead investigator, Muke Zullo, was asked why the press was not covering it. He response: three different sources said the main news outlets were threatened with FCC investigations, criminal investigations and some were physically threatened.

The Free Market would work if it was there.

"So how do the current newspapers, magazines, TV networks, cable channels, and radio stations stay in business?" Because there is no other choice that is obvious for most.

Extortion DOES have a chilling effect.

But like prohibition of substances, it does not decrease demand, it only drives the price up.

The threats you mention don't curtail the demand for truth, they only make the remaining sources of truth more valuable.

If anything they should make the websites that are courageous enough to ignore them (like the Daily Paul?) more commercially viable as they increase traffic.

The Virtual Conspiracy

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The free market is timeless; it existed in all

ages, under all regimes, if only in the black market. But the market has negative appeals as well as positive ones, as we see on the free internet today: porn along cute animal vids and a plethora of educational sites.

Just as the collectivist ideologues made a concerted effort to infiltrate and then dominate all major vehicles of ideas -- the universities, Hollywood, the MSM -- in the last century, they hijacked pop appeals that bolstered their influence with the naive majority.

These things take time to overturn. So long as the internet remains free, I trust the basic good will of the people to learn and discover the false message they were sold; the Liberty movement is just catching on. I believe we will replace the old paradigm.

basic good will of the people

is our compass in all things

we can be sure if the masses are given all the facts and allowed to discuss in their mini community plazas they will come to one tolerant yet cautious mind on issues put before them
in the global plaza of opinion.

our PROBLEM is the masses are now so sunk in famine and FEAR and lack of literacy or INFO other than what the local warlord
who gets his orders from cia/mossad doles out to them

FIRST there must be a shining light to help those across the world who ARE literate and can out reach to those who are not so the ENERGY of revolution rises in all people everywhere

This is what the Ron Paul r3volution is doing and will go on doing
as we are all, every people in every nation large or small,
ALL are now in the final days of a nasty cycle

once the masses are told what is the CAUSE of their suffering it will be as a runaway steam engine across all boundaries and in search of new leaders who come from among the FOLK as does
Dr. Paul.
Then we see most people have the best intent
when the wrinkles are out of the belly the mind clears and the Spirit rises from its ashes. Old Neopolitan saying.


I share your faith in the free market to a degree.

How the collectivist conspiracy came to dominate the news media has been well documented.

"These things take time to overturn."
Apparently. But what creates that inertia?
Actually, what IS that inertia?

I think that it must be the emotional dependence created by the educational/entertainment monopoly.

By adulthood, most Americans have already become intellectual zombies.
The market does not work because they truly don't WANT what they NEED. They don't want to know the truth, and don't realize that they don't want to know.

The shortcoming of Austrian theory is its failure to appreciate the power of monopoly; especially a monopoly sponsored by a vast global conspiracy.

Especially a conspiracy that has mastered the art of propaganda to the point of mind control.

The Virtual Conspiracy

Not sure how you apply Austrian theory to govt controlled press

Allen Dulles bragged in the 1950's that the CIA had its's people in every key newsroom in the country to help shape the information that came out. If that was almost 60 years ago, certainly they have gotten even better at their ability to control things today.

Market theory says that monopolies must be propped up and protected through government action. That is partly what we are seeing with the MSM. On the other hand, consumer's of news are searching out alternatives...which is why governments are soooo hot to put restriction s on the internet.

Fairly simple.

Collusion between government and corporations, corporations own a HUGE percentage of all media..(different numbers floating around on that..80 to 90%).. you get a whole lot of this.


Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

Actually, what you get is this....

A whole lot of this.

Over and over.

From Kindergarten through graduate school.


If you don't read/watch/listen to (fill in the blank with whatever "acceptable" MSM news outlet fits your political paradigm)then you are an ignorant hillbilly, or worse, a pariah.

And many of us on Daily Paul are so inculcated with this modern religion that we are more than happy to join in stoning "heretics" like Sarah Palin that are presented to us as examples.

The Virtual Conspiracy

She IS an idiot though.

Not because of what she doesn't know but because she pretends to know and doesn't but yes I see how they do people.

I don't read the majority of what's put in front of me by MSM, just enough to keep abreast of certain situations. I'm very picky as to what I allow to go into my head when I can be. If it's something I'
m interested in, you can bet your ass I'll focus on that. I don't think anyone else is any different.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

What free market?

As long as central banks control the flow of credit, there is no free market in ANYTHING. Ask those (who are still alive) that have developed breakthroughs in energy, transportation, medicine, etc.

Generally I would agree.

Ultimately, no one will be able to truly capitalize from any commercial endeavor as much as they should.

But that applies to the economy in general.
If anything technology has reduced the start-up costs for a news outlet to the point where almost anyone can "broadcast" the "truth" to a worldwide market.

How do the central banks keep an individual from, say,

1) clicking on the link leading to the Daily Paul
2) reading and recognizing the truth
3) recommending that link to their friends

Making a site like the Daily Paul less profitable might make it less commercially viable.

But that would only reduce its competition (other sites offering the truth) making it MORE valuable.

The Virtual Conspiracy

You're missing important things in your

assessment in the situation. Free market isn't completely dead but it's headed that way. What do you think they'll do with things like CISPA? Attacks from government and corporations are always multi-pronged in effect.

They strip away Liberty of the average person AND that of competing avenues. I've been around long enough in business to see the effects of crony capitalists by way of government allowed monopolism tear down small businesses throughout the nation.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I agree--


it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

What I think I have figured out...

The MSM is private property. If the owners want to sway public opinion for say.. a war.. or a president.. they certainly have the power to do so. If you were one of the 5 big media outlets and you had an agenda.. wouldnt you do it?

The media is as corrupt as our government. You cant say we werent warned about that from our founders too.

'Advertisements are the only truths to be relied upon in newspapers.' Thomas Jefferson

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Why is the media as corrupt as our government?

Short answer: ego validation trumps courage

Long answer: meme machines seek a consensus reality

Human beings are meme machines. We believe things that are not true. Simply stated, a "meme" is a belief (an opinion or view) which function like a virus (because of our ego need for validation). So we have people, meme machines, who are in the business of hosting and spreading memes. This is the business we call "the media" and they claim their opinions and view are valid or truthful. However, what they are really selling is the idea, or meme, which a mere belief and not truth per se.

In other words, we host memes (lies) that server our own self interest. Notice how your own beliefs have changes over time, are you more "right" now than you were a few years ago? Is anyone? or have we all just exchanged old memes for new ones? and still struggle to know what the Truth is? I think we may get closer to the Truth, but only by seeing the lies.

The fact is we don't know what Truth is because Truth is all knowledge, and no one can have a grasp of perfect knowledge or complete understanding. All we can do is admit what we don't know and empty ourselves of beliefs--but who does this? Certainly not those who are in the business of selling "news" products and services. For them believes/memes/lies are their bread and butter. It matter not if these opinion are correct/good or the views are wrong/bad, what matters is if they can be sold to meme machines (for money) in the marketplace of ideas.

Now here is the twist, when you put a bunch of these meme machines (people) together and you get a Super Organism (a social structure). The Super Organism has it's own set of lies or false believes which must be accepted as Truth. Meme machines often know these views/opinions are in fact lies, but because meme machines are accustom to hosting lies (false beliefs) they fall into cognitive dissonance. It become easier to accept the consensus reality of a Super Organism then remain independent and free. In short, they sell out and find comfort belonging to a Super Organism. Why? Because that is where they get the validation they desire most. Validation does not mean truth, it simply means feeling good about one's self--getting an ego boost by belonging to something bigger than yourself. Being part of a family you lost or never really had. The effect this has on the thinking of the individual is much the same as being under the influence of a cult, you dare not leave because you would lose too much.

The driving force of the Super Organism is the same as the driving force of any individual meme machines --survival, security and validation. A person goes from being an individual meme machine to being member of a group/cult who gets an emotional pay-off because they feel like they belong--that their life has purpose. Every individual ego wants to survive the death of the body, to have some expectation of security, and feel good. Same goes for the Super Organism (i.e., the body politic), and it will sacrifice any individual meme machine (individual) to survive! The amazing thing is how many meme machines become "true believers" in the body politic and will throw themselves under the bus for the Super Organism or cult to which they "feel" they belong.

The media, like government itself, is a Super Organism made up of individual meme machines (reporters), and those meme machines serve that Super Organism. They are "True Believers" of that body politic. They see themselves as part of the Establishment--the avant garde. They know where their bread is buttered. It is their source of security and validation. They are invested in lies--because that pays the bills and makes them feel good. When face with corruption they lack the courage to speak out. The cost of doing so would be to great. This forces them to become "True Believers" and as such they see corruption as means to an end for both themselves and for the Super Organism with which they identify and are loyal to. Ironically, in this process, "True Believers" often lose their individuality and seek validation even above their own security and survival so that in the end they will die for the lie.

This is what humanity must unlearn if we are species is to endure the next few generations. This awareness is the Big Shift, and in my view that is what the Ron Paul movement is helping to bring about.


How will they profit?

How will they profit? Yet another piece of the dreaded puzzle. It's simple:

MSM Profit = Obam-ney Care 2.0. Whether you like it or not. It is one of the plans of the NWO. They have already begun preparation with CISPA.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

It does: they've been bought by the military industrial complex

they have greater profit motives that are being served than advertising revenue. The Internet is the antidote - the traditional media (tv, print, radio) are pretty much all gobbled up.

Well.........since you put it out there..........I joined DP

in 2008. Like now, it was the only place I could go to be guaranteed truthful news about RP. I also got a fantastic education here. However, I stopped coming here when the election was over and the conversations turned to conspiracy theories and gardening, etc. I have no problem with anyone wishing to discuss such things but it just was not for me. That being said, I will continue to support this site as long as it has a purpose that fulfills my needs. That my friends is how the free market works. Just to make sure you do not misunderstand, I think that Michael Nystrom is a true patriot for putting up this site and dedicating the time and energy to keep it going.

~Your perception becomes your reality~

Thank you for your story

"However, I stopped coming here when the election was over and the conversations turned to conspiracy theories and gardening, etc."

Confirming what I have long suspected. And I also am grateful to Michael.
But WE are ultimately responsible for the content and quality on the DP.

The challenges facing the DP are similar to the Internet in general (only on a much smaller and more manageable scale).

How do you allow a true competition of ideas?

I do not believe that the majority of people stopped caring about liberty when Ron Paul lost election in 2008, but many of us did lose focus. And I think that was reflected in the content and traffic on DP.

There was a need for a "Daily Paul" before Ron Paul. And there will be a need for a "Daily Paul" after he (or even Rand) are dead or retired from public life.

But it will be the type of "Daily Paul" that we enjoy today.

The Virtual Conspiracy

The Internet is the Free Market!

Ever heard of this new thing called the "inter-webz"(I think thats what its called)?

Apparently this "interwhatsit" is putting good ol' 'Merican print journalism out of business!

Supposedly this "internetical web apparatus" allows its users to get news from millions of sources at the click of a button.

Who woulda thunk it?

Check out the Laissez-Faire Journal at LFJournal.com

"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Ah, yes, the InterWebz....

A wonderful invention.
But it is a medium for (not a creator of) the news.
It allows a MARKET for various news sources, it is not a news source itself.
With the ability "to get news from millions of sources", why is the public returning to the same polluted troughs?

My question remains, why aren't WE winning the journalistic war?

The Virtual Conspiracy

Because the CIA & Fed Reserve have an interest in the ownership.

And the Rothschild's own the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve owns the US Senate, the President and the CIA.


And this forces people...

... to watch Fox News?

The Virtual Conspiracy

Know better

The premise is two fold?

Given a choice, people will choose to know better.

People are given that choice.

If a person is tagged at birth with a fictitious Legal Entity here in America, that may be a clue as to the measure of Liberty, how Free, is the Market, here where this Free Market supposedly exists.

At birth the fictitious Legal Entity is tagged so as to begin the process of siphoning off any surplus wealth produced by the actual human being.

That surplus wealth, from all those human beings, those who actually produce surplus wealth, all THOSE human beings, is denominated in Dollars, and therefore that surplus wealth is spendable as Purchasing Power, by those who collect it through fraud, threats of violence, and acts of very vicious, and massive, acts of violence upon the innocent.

That has to be understood, seen, measured, known, accounted for, and done so accurately, before the question can be answered accurately.

The collection of Purchasing Power, that vast, and nearly limitless POWER, denominated in dollars, is then spent on maintaining that flow of that power, in that direction: from those who produce that power to those who steal it that way.

What is purchased with that power?

In a word: Monopoly

When all information from all sources of information connected to the Legal Money Monopoly Power (connected by Dollars) say the same thing, the same message, over and over again, you can know, by that measure, that monopoly POWER.

It says this:


It matters not who the current messenger is, that is the MONOPOLY MESSAGE.


The words may be more specific, as the words are produced by that same source, that same Monopoly Power, such as:

"Quantitative Easing"


"Austerity Measures"


"Enhanced Interrogation Techniques"


"Spreading Democracy"

The same flow of POWER is at work:

Those who produce more than they can consume, or store safely, or secure ownership of, or control, those who are responsible for producing Surplus Wealth, are targeted, and exploited by The Monopoly Power (Legal Crime, Dictatorship, whatever word accurately labels the actual people in place who run that POWER), and that power flows from those many producers to that one, single, purchasing power, and then that POWER is spent on everything necessary to keep the power flowing that way.

In a word:


Had all that Surplus Wealth not transferred by that method, that fraudulent method, what would have all those producers of wealth purchased instead?



Time Warner?

All of them combined into one?

Would all of those producers of surplus wealth bought one thing, or many things?

What is the common denominator among the messages produced and advertized through the medium of Television which is a licensed Monopoly, or Subsidized, communication POWER?

Does, for example, Ron Paul have a license to produce a television show on a new television channel, and if not, could he get one, and if so, how much does it cost, and who is paid, who collects the payment for that license, and that access, to all those people, through that channel?

Do you understand the concept of The Dictators Dilemma?

Would a chart help?

Dictators Dilemma


It may also be instructive to look up the work of a person named Edward Bernays who was emulated (my words) by the Nazi Propagandist Goebbels.


The message is the same message, the messenger's are dictators, as they define the meaning of dictator upon their subjects.


Fabulous! A banquet of "food for thought"!

Bernays belief that "educated newspaper/news magazine readers are the most easily misled by clever, subtle propaganda" has been proven to my satisfaction.

The secular religion requires that we drink regularly from the poisoned wells of information. Thus Katie Couric's question of Sarah Palin asking her what newspapers/magazines she reads. The point was not to discredit Sarah, but to remind the viewer of the terrible consequences of not attending "church". (Ignorance, scorn, derision, etc.)

The enemies of freedom are part of a conspiracy, virtual or explicit. There is no question. Anyone who has watched Ron Paul's campaigns of 2008 and 2012 with an open mind must recognize that fact.

You are, of course, correct in identifying that the current economic/political system creates monopoly.

The question remains, how is that monopoly maintained?

In your article "The Case of the Soviet Union: The Dictator's Dilemma" it states "First, state control over information must be airtight to be effective. It was Orwell's fear that "if all records told the same tale--then lies passed into history and became truth" (Huber, 1994). Of course, the whole balloon bursts from one small pin prick."

Oh really? Not in my experience.

Not only does a mere statement of the truth NOT burst the bubble; even repeated pummeling with the truth seems to leave most people unscathed.

Your statement of the premises is correct.
And I suspect that the answer to my original question is BOTH that people (often) do not wish to know the truth AND that they are not given a choice.

By the time they reach the age of majority, most have already been conditioned to require the soothing lies of the Matrix for their own emotional comfort.

And the monopoly over the news media allows them to feel that the Matrix IS reality.

But how is that monopoly maintained in the Internet age?


Because in cyberspace the "truth" is lost in a vast wasteland of noise.

Filtering satisfies the individual's sense of autonomy because the bars are invisible.

Meanwhile their world view remains unchanged.
And the Conspiracy remains intact.

The Virtual Conspiracy