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Ron Paul Woodstock Event!

A few of the forum members here have brought up the idea of having a Ron Paul Woodstock Event. FANTASTIC IDEA!

I do not know much about planning events so I hope this thread will be used to plan, offer ideas, anything at all to make this happen.

In my opinion, something like this should not wait! Is there any way possible that this Ron Paul Woodstock Event could be initiated in the very near future?

Ron! Paul! 2012!

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Small suggestion

Ron Paul Woodstock should be at the same place and time as the Republican National Convention. Just an idea I am throwing out there :)

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YES! Rally For the Republic Two!

I'm in!

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I think you're on to

I think you're on to something, dude.

How about a 3 day festival

in Tampa 3 days before the RNC?


I am having one on my property to promote Peace, Dr Ron Paul for President, and myself Rick Witt for Congress .... Lets all have fun spreading the message.

People wonder why we are happy

Why cause we know the truth


Our delegates need to see they are not alone, and the establishment needs to know we are close by waiting and watching.

Let's be practical, if the convention is a brokered one, we will need to be in Tampa as tactical back up for our delegates who will no doubt be subject to establishment intimidation.

He did say...

we need music and young people!

I happen to know

that a festival is being planned right now and details should be released in the coming week. Tampa is the location, August is the month it is being planned for.

Party in every state!

Sync through a radio station nation wide With live band located at Ron Paul head quarters. Ron Paul Party 2012 what a revolution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why not

a Woodstock event in the Tampa area? We can then march to the convention in union

I vote for Dunn Meadow at Indiana University!

Indiana is centrally located, a crossroads of America, and we vote late... May 8th.


seems logical--timing there

seems logical--timing there would be right

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how about at a

Fema camp?

seriously porcfest is coming up in NH, I'll be there...


woo hoo!



This event is already being planned

though you may not be thrilled with the live entertainment.

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I personally endorse this idea!

For obvious reasons.

This is an idea whose time has come!

Think the media could ignore that one? I can't think of anything more awesome. With what I've observed of the DP community here, putting our heads together, donating time, talent and ideas, this could come together in a unique and grand way.

P.S. I think we're gonna need a bigger plot.



I think the event would be more effective if it wasn't specifically geared towards Ron Paul alone.

Maybe a huge gathering of all peace and freedom lovers. Come up with a way people can be creative and make art related to peace and freedom. Burning Man festival in Arizona pulls of a similar thing where all attendees can contribute art.

Have speakers, Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, etc.. whoever else
Have musicians who are against the establishment/corporatism... Specifically Rage Against the Machine. I'm sure Tom Petty would come out.. The more that sign on, the more will come.

If we want this to happen and actually be woodstock huge.. it's going to take planning, planning and more planning.

Sell food, art, shirts, etc.. to support the event.

Don't make the entire thing about Ron Paul or you will lose a lot of potential people.

Now, imagine if we could get at least 100,000 people to show... lets aim for 250,000.. imagine Ron giving an energetic speech to a crowd that big. THAT would be monumental. More than likely won't help his chance at being elected this year but it sure will have potential to change the course of things...

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Politically, We have a far bigger cause

and much more at stake. We are at the tipping point of losing everything! This is the time. This is the generation that has the most to lose. Truth is needed more now than EVER.

I have a 22 acre property on a lake in central Washington state that we could use for the cause..if that is big enough...?

A patriot must always be prepared to defend his country from his government.

That would be a great location

for the Northwest RonStock if there were several around the country on the same day. Eastern WA has great weather in the Spring.

Woodstock was held on a 600

Woodstock was held on a 600 acre farm; I'm not sure that 22 acres would be big enough. Though, it does sound serene.

Now that is what I call stepping up!

I wonder if Peter Frampton is still rocking?!

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Ronstock needs to happen

It is a must...

Doesn't necessarily have to be only about music. It can include speakers as well.

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" Ronstock " I like that a lot ! Yeah!

It has a nice sound to it,and the name should have his name in it.

Having a concert would be

Having a concert would be great but I wouldn't be too thrilled associating it with "Woodstock," listen to this lecture by Ayn on Woodstock back in the day. I wouldn't want people like that associated with Dr. Paul.


Joel Roseman and Michael Lang were the producers of Woodstock..

so they would be the ones to talk with,and get feedback from.Remember though,that Woodstock did not make money,therefore financial backing might be difficult.It takes very strategic planning to pull off an event of this size.We are getting endorsements from musicians,and they would possibly offer their services.Volunteers would not be a problem for sure.I'm an audio-engineer,and I'll donate my services.Any other ideas on this possible event?