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Unorthodox Situation Requires Unorthodox Solution: "The Odd Couple"

If the MSM was giving Ron Paul the coverage he deserves, he's be winning the GOP race. If the GOP was operating with integrity instead of displaying more corruption that the Chicago Mafia, Ron Paul would be winning the GOP. Unfortunately, since we are dealing with a totally corrupt political party and news media system, I think Ron Paul and all of his supporters should consider preparing for a third party run. I also think Ron Paul should choose Jesse "The Body" Ventura for his running mate.

I believe Jesse agrees with RP on most of the main issues. Jesse was Governor of Minnesota. He served in the military as a Navy Seal. With his name recognition, the Paul/Ventura ticket would draw millions of votes.

Can you imagine the MSM attempting to "Black This Out?"

After they won the election and were sworn in President Paul would begin his term by calling for all the Executive Orders to be brought to the Oval Office and he could begin undoing each one that isn't Constitutional by the stroke of his "executive" pen.

Meanwhile, Jesse would be presiding over the U.S. Senate. Can you imagine Jesse sitting there during a session dealing with an issue like NDAA and someone like Sen. Lindsay Graham spouts off, "And if a U.S. Citizen says they want their lawyer, you tell them they don't get one! They're and enemy combatant!" Can't you see Jesse getting up, crossing the senate floor and body-slamming Sen. Graham and then having him arrested for treason? As Jesse headed back to his presiding chair, upon close observation, you could see wet stains down the inseams of many of the remaining senators' expensive dress slacks.

Hey everyone, I want things to go well in Tampa and Ron Paul to seize the nomination. I'm just proposing a "Plan B" that I truly believe would be successful. Just saying.....

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