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MUST SEE: Ron Paul Activists Fight and Defeat Tyranny in Madison, WI, Parking Lot Plus More

I drove three hours from Illinois to cover the Paul Revolution to get some honest-to-goodness information: no spin. It proved to be an experience of a lifetime.

First, I got an early registration, just in case and went to the appropriate facility, which was indoors. That proved fruitless. A young man, there, with an RP sign, waved me down, when I tried to park, saying, “You have to go to another venue, it has been changed, because of overwhelming numbers.”

So, I followed an entourage of cars to the new site, which was outdoors by the lake. Tried to park, but the lot was full. So, with divine help, somehow, a student left just in time, so was able to find a place. Regardless, I was late, with only a half-hour before the lecture. To achieve good correspondence work with the crowd, I thought, I could only rely on God Himself. Maybe He would guide me to someone.

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Regarding the guy facing prison for distributing raw milk.

I can help.


good job--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

My gf and I were searching

My gf and I were searching for the original pavilion location as well, and ended up asking that guy with the sign for directions. We were way late (like 7:30) after driving around forever trying to find the place, and he ended up just hopping in with us and showing the way. So who ever that lone guy was outside the pavilion THANK YOU, for taking it upon yourself to stand there and guide people to the right place, and completely missing Dr. Paul's speech do to so. We ended up getting there and saw about the last 5 minutes of the speech. LOL drove 2 hours to get there.

It was me

haha, thanks for the ride.

Thanks Dr.K,glad you got to..

be there.Looking forward to watching the vid.

Two Things to Look Forward to Today

...Dr. K's video follow-up to this "take you right there" story and the FLASH announcement on Leland Conway Show.

The other thing to be excited about is all those out spreading the Good News of liberty today!



thankyou for sharing. also looking forward to the video. ron paul and those who support his understanding are such an inspiration...

Kleenex stuff...

... stir the heart, my man!

Plano TX


Looking forward to the video.

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Recommended reading

Thank you. Can't wait for the video!

Good story!

Had to remove part of the link though before i found the article. Please check your link.

thank you for the alert

It's fixed, now!!

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Link not working

Would love to see your write up!