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Obama Clears Sanctions on Iran

President Barack Obama commits 'act of war' on Iran with harsh sanctions on their oil exports.

Man, we need President Paul more than ever.

via @AP


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Don't buy their oil

not buying their oil and taking away their business through shale production is fine but sanctioning is wrong and Iran like any other country has the right to defend themselves, they maybe Islamist killers, but look at Pakistan they got nukes and never used em, even crazy Islamists wouldn't nuke anyone. North Korea has them and hates USA but didn't use them when they could have. Nukes stop wars not create them.

It must be frustrating for

It must be frustrating for Washington to give orders when the other nations don't obey.

I bet we wouldn't be using these sanctions

against Iran if they weren't using non-U.S. Dollar (petro dollar) currency in sales of their oil.

Obama knows that without the Dollar's position as the petro dollar, the Dollar will sink further and inflation will be impossible for stupid Americans to ignore.