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This national TV ad could end the media blackout for Ron Paul. Are you in?

Then do the same with Gingrich...

And Santorum...

And Romney

I'm sure there is footage of at least Newt and Rick being booed by the crowd.

And there is the stadium fiasco of Romney's.

Adam Kokesh did a clip and talked on someone's own mike and all there was was the hotel employees but I cannot remember the candidate or if it is applicable.

No footage to be allowed of candidates on any primary nights...just the crowds they draw when they are out on the campaign trail. And a disclaimer at the end of the ad that either is in text or states that.

The last thing on the video is a voice that says The media has been hiding this from you. Why? Find out at RonPaul2012.com
The Pacs

Revolution PAC
3149 Dundee Rd. #176
Northbrook, IL 60062
Ph: (202) 567-7202

Endorse Liberty
1625 Sunset Oaks Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84018
(646) 783-8243


I have no idea if the SuperPacs can work together or not, so if you think this is a good idea participate in the discussion. Contact the SuperPacs because I think an ad done in this manner would shock the asleep masses and really make a lot of them question what's really going on.

Ultimately it's on us to do this because the media is on blackout and we can end it plus we will have ads to spread all over the internet when they are finished.

UPDATE: Inspiration from 2008 - excellent crowd/worldwide meetup group footage after The Ron Paul Breakthrough Moment.1:40

The revolution is worldwide ... it's always been worldwide ~ Ernest Hancock, Revolution Walk

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I sorry to keep posting over

I'm sorry to keep posting over and over, but I had another idea. Now, please everyone don't take this wrong, but the thing the media does say about us is that we are young and "savage". I'm 47, not too you anymore. But this being the case, how about an add with some mature, thoughtful and "professional" looking people who support him so we can get across to the world that we aren't all young full of youthful passion and drive . How about the previous CentCom Commanders saying what he says about his Foreign Policy? Or some very renowned economists talking about his economic plan? I have a feeling that most Americans, when they think of Dr. Paul supporters and by association Dr. Paul himself as fringe elements, like hippies.

I have another idea that is a little off topic, but has anyone thought of going to retirement homes to talk with the people there? They LOVE to have company, especially from young people. You could just sit and talk with them and start talking about Dr. Paul. Since they are the most reliable voting group, it would be prudent to talk to them.

Great ideas

...for another ad, but NOT FOR THIS ONE.

We need an ad that just exposes media LIES about Ron Paul's true status v.v. the people.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

Good suggestion on visiting retirement homes

You should post a separate thread about this.

People could bring their IPADs/Smart phones. Teach them how to use them by showing them Ron Paul videos. I know my grandpa was really fascinated when I first taught him how to use the internet.

They do LOVE company, and you'd feel good about it either way.

Excellent suggestion

I have found that older folks are more open than you could imagine.. it just takes time to discuss and listen and share.


What about an infomercial

What about an infomercial like nobama did? Have Dr. Paul do like a town hall meeting with some people there who have real questions and have him answer them.

Or have Dr. Paul just sit there and explain his position like he does at all these massive rallies.


I think it would be MUCH better to spend the time talking about Dr. Paul. Show the crowds at his meetings with him talking about his position and the crowds cheering. Don't waste the time on any of the Three Stooges.



Edit in Reverse No or Minimal Voice Over

Make the viewer figure out who the ad supports.

Newt Gingrich
Small Crowd

Newt Gingrich
Slightly Larger Crowd

Rick Santorum
small crowd

Rick santorum
slightly bigger crowd

small crowd

Ron Paul
large loud
Ron Paul
large loud
Ron Paul
large loud
Ron Paul
large loud
Ron Paul
large loud

Its visual perception of size in the image. you almost have to shoot the picture to start with that in mind.

Black out by NEWS source is probably illegal...

Isn't blackout of HOT news by NEWS reporting agencies illegal? If it's not, it should BE. If they are NEWS reporting agencies but are not obliged to report all the news, they should be called: the HALF news program. If blacking out news is illegal, then it should be taken up with US Attorney General. If in fact a program bills itself as a national news program and then systematically blacks out half the news as to give a total illusion of the truth, are they liable for fraud and violation of public trust? In any case the writer's idea (Pollman) of a commercial to expose and shatter the black out of Ron Paul and the hand behind it is fabulous. All things which were blacked out as of recently, should be compiled: Ron Paul massive crowds, Massive protests by the Occupy Wall Street movement, recent investigation into Obama's fraudulent birth certificate and MANY more. Yes, it is time to call media black out of a significant event a CRIME, expose it for what it is and hold the news source liable.

Yes, the news stations are

Yes, the news stations are required to truthfully broadcast news and not intentionally omit news. You can go to the FCC website and read up on it there. I, and many other Ron Paul supporters, have filed complaints with them. The problem is, they are part of the establishment.

I doubt it is a crime in this country...

but would be wonderful if it was. I heard in the recently found speech of Dr. Paul (from 2003) that when the government was exposed using the media for propaganda which was illegal for them to do, they just legalized it.

The media is owned by a very small group of private corporations. I would think that they are not required to tell the people the truth... or the people would know what has been going on in washington for years as they attempt to make one law after another to strip away our rights.

On the subject of showing crowds - it does impress some republicans but more than anything I have seen republicans that are not open to supporting him just want to double down to work against him with that knowledge. I have been surprised to see what has been getting through to my family is finding out the other areas that the media is lying to them - the MANY bills that are passed that are not mentioned or barely mentioned on TV but effect us greatly. The more I am educating my family on what is happening in Washington that is not being told to them on Fox and CNN and ABC, etc., the more they are beginning to question... and the more open they are becoming to Dr. Paul.

We get excited about the size of the crowds, we get excited about the revolution, we get excited about him winning... but so many people still have to find out that they NEED a leader to help us return to our constitution - they are unaware of how far we have fallen.

I speak this as one that is new myself - I studied myself into supporting Dr. Paul in August WHEN I heard the media bias. It bothered me - made me wonder - and I started looking into it. But I am finding that my friends seem to be much more open when I explain how they are losing their rights, or how the gas prices are not so much based on the price of oil but on the falling value of the dollar and why it is falling, or when they know that our government is already determined to start a war with Iran and using the media to get us ready... stuff like that. When it touches their lives.. SOPA, PIPA and ACTA - Agenda 21 - you would be amazed how many people have never heard about it.

Anyway I am for getting the word out any way I can... Oh the other thing I am really amazed at is how MANY people actually check out my Facebook page and check out the things I post about the good doctor. I never really used Facebook before - it is my advertising tool now.

I really think that if EACH one of us reached out, each of us put signs in our yards, on our cars, on line - if we used social media to every day find a way to spread the information about Dr. Paul - wouldn't that be much MORE effective that TV ads? I really do have greater influence over my circle of friends than even the TV. I just need to do the study to find the best thing to send each day or to post - I need to entice folks to read and look and I need to share what I am learning. I need to start conversations. I need to be bold - all of us do.

Okay - sorry so long - just musings...



You may want to point out the disconnect between the people's enthusiasm and the primaries/caucus results because of the election fraud, and we got a few video proof of that as well.

You got a great idea here to remind people that Ron Paul is still in the game.

It is better to look dumb and not be, than to look smart and not be.

Get my name off of that list in this post!;p

All I do is line up interviews!!!!!

My suggestion -

1. Make your superduper ad YOURSELF.

2. LIST it here - http://www.grassmuscle.com/

3. If it's a gamechanger the money to air it WILL FOLLOW.

Go make it so!:)

Support Liberty Media! http://benswann.com/ - http://www.bluerepublican.org/ - http://krisannehall.com/ - http://lionsofliberty.com/

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Name removed

at your request.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

someone else had

a similar idea like this a few weeks back and everybody was all about it too. I just hope the campaign does something with it or the PAC's. It's never too late.

nice consolidated idea.

Proposed T.V. ad

I approve. An excellent way to get the point across. Go Ron Paul and please let us know when you are coming to Northern CA.

The Judge

Great idea

I wouldn't dilute the message by bringing in delegate counts though. Showing the popular support he has will have the most impact and there isn't enough time to do justice to both.


I'd make sure the official campaign is okay with it. The greatest grassroots ideas don't necessarily fit into a campaign's strategy.

My Idea Incorporated With This

Basically clip after clip of gigantic Ron Paul rallies with this voice over:

"The media asks when he is going to drop out? The media asks who he is going to endorse? Why would he do that when he has the greatest support?"-

Cut to photos of the lackluster Romney, Santorum, Gingrich rallies

-"The paper tiger candidates create the illusion of support thanks to the media. Its not about straw poll wins but about getting delegates."

Cut to pics of Ron Paul delegates at caucuses

"And we are getting the delegates."

Cut to skyline of Tampa, Florida.

"They will be at the convention."

Cut to a shot of multiple tv's exploding. On the screens is news show from Fox, CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, etc.

"The media black out is over. He is the only choice. He is the only man who will beat Obama. That man is-"

Zoom out of Ron Paul on top of the exploded tvs with supporters behind them with signs and Ron Paul gear on.

- Ron Paul. We are going to Restore America, NOW!"

Cut to Ron Paul 2012 campaign logo

End of Commercial.

Live Free or Die

yes but...

taking the time to point that out could be a big deal.. Many people don't know there is actually HUGE support..

A mention of Delegate takeovers would be fitting as well :)

'Once you become knowledgeable you have an obligation to do something about it!' — Ron Paul


think this is a great idea

we got a lot of tech savy people on the site....could anyone put this kind of ad together?

Is there a platform message?

The fact that Ron Paul draws huge crowds is suppressed in the mainstream media, but it's common knowledge that he has loyal, enthusiastic supporters.

I think that if the only purpose for such expensive ads would be to show that Ron Paul is popular, they would serve little purpose, at least at this point in the game. In January, TV commercials with cheering crowds would have been a good move. Not now.

If the campaign used splashy TV ads, I feel the only reason to do them would be to connect to the portion of the GOP base that doesn't know much about the Internet, and that is currently supporting Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum.

Such ads should emphasize Ron Paul's three traditionally conservative positions--his unwavering support for the Second Amendment, his views on Abortion, and his views on illegal immigration. In other words, something conservatives have not heard much about during the 2012 campaign this far.

Support the Constitution of the United States

yes but..

taking the time to point that out could be a big deal.. Many people don't know there is actually HUGE support..

A mention of Delegate takeovers would be fitting as well :)

'Once you become knowledgeable you have an obligation to do something about it!' — Ron Paul


I think Our

I beleive our victory can be sealed with a multifaceted approach. I don't think its just about getting votes. It's about Countering the Media's deception, distortion, and omission. It puts them on the defensive. They get to mold public opinion which is why everyone goes around with the idea that he is unelectable. If we send something like this out. We have something to work with to deconstruct that psychology. If you notice the media is always attempting to control the psychology of the debate to produce gotcha moments on live tv. This could give our interviews ammunition. Either way, It needs to be created whether it is put on the air or not. And as for the Ads not working. I think they do work. They inspire us and give us personal feedback on our progess, something to share, and it builds momentum. Which is what we need.(that last part was a response to one of the comments below).

I am willing to have this concept produced on a DVD

so, I see the Springfield, MO, item, below. If anyone has any other comparative video, please, post it here.

What does the Dali Lama think of Ron Paul? video.

I'm Ian - in Astoria NY. I'm a grassroots organizer. I also produce videos - each one seems to come from a different angle. Sometimes hard - sometimes soft - funny and not. Here is one that I made becuase i realized the philosophy of the Dalai Lama and Ron Paul are quite similar regarding the respect for life and individual freedom.


Ian Snow Carpenter

Revpac has been producing geat content, has the most amazing

Talent, but has no money.

Endorse Liberty has money, and has been producing decent content, but has no idea how to run a campaign and is now looking at spending the money they do have left on downticket races.

Santa Rita hasn't done much of anything since South Carolina.

And good lord what is my name doing up there!:p All I do is line up interviews!!

Grassroots for Liberty exists to support boots on the ground efforts - very cheap and very effective - not who you want to ask this! - but check out their petition:)

My suggestion? Make your superduper add with help from the grassroots. List it here - http://www.grassmuscle.com/ - and if it's a gamechanger the money to air it will follow.

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TV ad money bombs?

It could be a good idea to do TV advertisement money bombs.

Whatever money is given is donated to support a certain ad is spent on that advertisement (and that advertisement alone)being screened around the country.

That way people could see where there money is going and the better the ad the more people would give for it to be screened.

It would be powerful reinforcement to see and ad you have donated to being screened as you sit at home watching television.

This is just a suggestion and would need to be looked at in greater detail but it could be good fund raising idea.

Lord Acton, Lord Chief Justice of England, 1875 - "The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the People v. The Banks."

why national

It's pre-convention so one goes for delegates, and if the purpose is to get votes you stick to the primary/caucus states.

It'd just be a giant waste of money to do otherwise.

It's a good concept for an ad.

I don't think good concepts are a problem. Money is a problem.

There's no magic ad that gets votes.

There's only hard work. Hard work makes progress toward winning elections.

It's a mistake to believe that video ads are the way to go. It hasn't worked yet, has it?

Why spend more on what clearly doesn't work? This has been the fundamental mistake of the campaign and the Super PACs. It's imitative of what they think a national campaign is.

The reason Ron Paul has done so well in the caucus states is the comparatively few supporters he has are able to be more effective in that set-up, where few in the electorate actually participate.

Put more ads on the air and almost the entire audience won't be voting, so why bother?

That money spent so far has been wasted. The solution isn't to waste more good money. It's to spend it more wisely.