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If I win the $640 million mega millions tonight

I will spend millions to see that Dr. Paul and the message is spread as wide and as deep as possible. Maybe if another Paul supporter wins the jackpot they feel the same?

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I was thinking the same thing

Donate my $2500 to Paul and then donate a few million to endorse liberty. I havn't done much research on them, but I watch many of their ads. They NEED to put them on T.V., and they need money to do it. TBH if a Paul supporter won and donated even 1/2 of it to the PACS it would be more money than all the other candidates combined+their PACS. I might even consider starting my own PAC if I won....

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I'm sponsoring a NASCAR team.

I'm not going to win...but I might be the trustee of a trust that wins. ;)

The trust is going to form a SuperPAC whose goal is to be the main sponsor of a top-tier NASCAR team. NASCAR fans are patriotic & love the military. They're on TV every week and get great ratings. Imagine if Ron Paul could ride in the pace car at at NASCAR race...! Or make the "Drivers, Start Your Engines" announcement! How totally cool would that be?

Imagine the Ron Paul transport vehicle and Fan Area at the track. I can't stop grinning.

A Slim Jim on every seat... Voter registration drives at every track... Sign waves... A whole section of the stadium with those cards under their seats that make up a giant image...Ron Paul on one side and the American flag on the other... :)

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This is what the Paul campaign should be spending money on. Not TV ads that won't make an impact.

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I just bought a ticket as well. I'd immediately max out my donations to the official campaigns, then donate millions to Endorse Liberty and maybe Rev Pac

To bad we

coulndt run owr own RP lottery

If I win

You guys are on your own

Ok just kidding

If I win I will first puke then have a heart attack then collect myself and open a Super PAC and buy a major media outlet. I will then make damn sure everyone gets the straight scoop on Dr Paul.

I will have the Judge on, Peter Schiff, Lew Rockwell, and all the other good guys on regularly. I will even bring back the old series of Police Squad with Leslie Neilson...not the movies but the TV series.....

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I logged on to say the exact same thing

I would buy a media outlet and declare war on the others.

Be smart

The lottery is statistically designed to not be won.

What people *should* do is find more local contests that a bunch of people play in, in which a winner is almost guaranteed, and then create a Ron Paul coalition to buy a bunch of the tickets. That way - on average - more money is raised than lost.

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Sorry to all you folks who played

but i am going to win tonight. 100M goes to REVPAC.

i was gonna give it to the FED GOV but apparently it would only last 80 hours.



maybe we can buy greece and give it back to the greek people.

If I win

Me and Ron Paul will go start our own country.....

Problem is I wont play that crap.

You always loose.


a friend of mine won

$6M about 15 years ago. nice family. it did good things for a lot of folks. nice family.

Witnessed people buying $100 worth of tickets

They sell lottery tickets in the cafeteria in the office building that I work in. I witnessed THREE people buy $100 worth of Mega Millions tickets each. I bought $20, contemplating buying more.

one is enough

It really doesn't improve your chances (in any discernible way) to buy more tickets. Buy one and have fun! Good Luck!!

I thought if I were to

I thought if I were to win.... I would buy the election just like Mitt Romney is doing!

well maybe I would invest

well maybe I would invest half of it and then make the MeGa MiLLiOns Revolution Super PAC! LOL

If you can draw a large group of ron paul supporters in your

state to play the lottery & split the winnings, and agree to give a certain percentage to help ron paul it could help increase your chances of lottery success. Over all the lottery has terrible odds of winning, but people obviously do win, & your ticket has as much chance of winning as anybody elses. $1 dollar a week is only $4 dollars a month. I know a guy who played every drawing for 20 years & never hit the jackpot. I know another person who played several hundred dollars worth of tickets in a single day & hit for $250k. I know yet another person who played every drawing for years & hit for $2 million. 'Chance' is impartial. You never know what could happen.

james williams

I always have a ticket

for every single drawing of mega millions and powerball, I have been hoping for the same thing for a long time.

A terrible waste of a dollar.

A terrible waste of a dollar.

Nobody mentioned

Obama's spending habits.

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Okay, I usually don't play but

that's a novel idea. Playing the lottery for Ron Paul lol.

Patriot Cell #345,168
I don't respond to emails or pm's.
Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution, inevitable.

I'm having fun

considering the possibilities. A two dollar daydream.

I hope one of us win. It could be a game changer.

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Paul and other liberty

Paul and other liberty candidates!

Just got laid off so tonight

Just got laid off so tonight I'll take anything, but 640 million would certainly help out me and hundred of other people I know.

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Sorry to hear that...

These are rough times. Wishing you the best in your new job search.

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I was thinking the same thing ...

... I'm buying 30 tickets here in a few and yeah if I win, there will be lots of money donated for liberty, you can take that to the bank ;)

buy one and donate the rest

a better idea is to buy one ticket and donate the remaining $29 to the campaign

With my luck

I'd have a stroke and hit the floor... The M.E. would wind up with the ticket.


I would certainly contribute to the cause. I would also run for offices and use my power to unseat the crooks that I come across.